Patient Rights Unit

Estecenter Patient Rights Unit

Estecenter Patient Rights Unit

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

In health services, the rights and responsibilities of individuals are of great importance. The rights of every patient and their families who apply to our hospitals are respected while benefiting from health services. This resource was inspired by the Turkish Ministry of Health Patient Rights Regulation and provides information about the rights of patients and the responsibilities they must fulfill when receiving services.


Patient rights

Patient rights, guaranteed by international and national legislation, include practices carried out to protect the rights of people applying to health institutions. These rights aim to protect human health and provide high-quality health services.


  1. Right to Benefit from Services: Every individual has the right to benefit from health services equally, regardless of language, religion, race or sect.
  2. Right to be informed and to request information: Patients have the right to receive information about their health conditions and health services, and to review and obtain documents.
  3. Right to Consent and Approval: Patients have the right to accept, refuse or stop treatment after being informed about the proposed treatments.
  4. Right to Choose and Change Health Institution and Personnel: Patients have the right to choose and change the treatment method and health personnel.
  5. Right to Privacy and Confidentiality: Has the right to protect the confidentiality of personal information.
  6. Right to Dignity: Patients have the right to receive healthcare services in a courteous and respectful environment.
  7. Right to Fulfill Their Religious Duties: Patients have the right to fulfill their religious duties as long as their health conditions allow.
  8. Right to Visit and Companion: Patients have the right to receive visitors and have a companion within the framework of the determined rules.
  9. Right to Safety: Patients have the right to be protected from risks and medical errors in healthcare.
  10. Right to Request Consultation and Second Opinion: Patients have the right to obtain information about their health condition from another expert or to request a second opinion.
  11. Right to Report Complaints, Opinions and Suggestions: Patients have the right to complain, be evaluated and finalized in case their rights are violated.


Patient Responsibilities

Patient responsibilities refer to the duties and obligations that patients who apply to health institutions and receive services must fulfill.


  1. General Responsibilities: Patients are obliged to take the necessary precautions to protect their health and to comply with the recommendations given.
  2. Social Security Status: Patients are responsible for reporting changes to their social security and personal information in a timely manner.
  3. Informing Healthcare Professionals: Patients are obliged to provide accurate and complete information about their health conditions and treatment history.
  4. Compliance with Hospital Rules: Patients are responsible for complying with the rules and practices of the healthcare institution.
  5. Compliance with Treatment Recommendations: Patients are responsible for complying with treatment recommendations and actively participating in the treatment process.

These rights and responsibilities are important to ensure that healthcare services are delivered effectively and efficiently.