Visitor Policy

Estecenter Visitor Policy

Visitor Policy

We are aware that contact with loved ones and the presence of close supporters during our patients’ hospital stay can positively contribute to the healing process. However, in order to protect the comfort and health of our patients and other visitors, we kindly ask you to comply with the following rules:


• Patient visits should be made during designated visiting hours and kept short.

• During visits, loud talking and noise should not be made.

• Large groups of visitors should be avoided as this can be disruptive for patients and other visitors.

• It is strongly requested not to sit on the patient bed during the visit.

• Food and drinks should not be brought without the supervision of a doctor.

• Children under 7 years of age should not be brought because they may disturb the comfort of the patient and other visitors.

• The patient’s privacy must be respected.

• An announcement will be made 5 minutes before and after visiting hours end, so please pay attention to visiting hours.

• Pay attention to hand hygiene during your visit and use the hand disinfectants available in the patient rooms.

• Limit the visit time to 10 minutes and remember that other patients are also waiting in line to visit.

• Be careful about using your mobile phone while you are in the hospital and avoid any actions that may disturb the comfort of other patients.

• If patient visits are prohibited by the doctor, follow this rule and respect the patient’s health.


Thank you for your understanding and support for the health and comfort of our patients.