Companion Policy

Estecenter Companion Policy

Companion Policy

Patients’ right to have a companion during the treatment process must be carried out in accordance with the approval of the doctor responsible for the treatment and the rules determined by the hospital. It is important that you support our patients in exercising this right and act in accordance with our hospital’s companion policy.


The number of companions is limited to one person and should not be present with the patient during visits and medical care. No intervention should be made to the patient other than the doctor’s or nurse’s instructions, but assistance should be provided in the patient’s care to the extent permitted.


In order not to disrupt the patient’s treatment process, it is important that the companion does not leave the hospital or change his bed. Companions must be quiet, do not disturb other patients, and must not use tobacco or alcohol in the hospital.


Food and beverages should not be brought from outside the hospital, and especially food that is not under the control of a dietitian should not be given to the patient. It is important to comply with hospital rules as a companion, and if the rules are not followed, the companion’s right may be revoked.


Nurses should be informed about the change of companion, and if there is any problem regarding the patient’s health condition, the service nurse should be informed first. Interventions should be carried out in accordance with the directives of healthcare personnel.