Complaint Policy

Estecenter Complaint Policy

Estecenter Complaint Policy

The Patient Rights Department attaches importance to your suggestions and opinions for the continuous development of our hospital. Your complaints and negative opinions are handled in a solution-oriented manner not only by our Patient Rights Department, but also by all our relevant senior managers.


You can submit your complaints, requests and suggestions using various communication channels; These channels include face-to-face interviews, telephone, e-mail, website, survey and letter. Additionally, there are facilities in patient rooms and desks where our patients can convey their opinions and complaints about our services by filling out the satisfaction survey form.


All complaints and suggestions are recorded and evaluated by relevant department managers. Improvements are made to increase our service quality in line with your requests, and the results of your complaints are reported back to you by the Patient Rights Unit within the specified period.


However, complaints that cannot be resolved in accordance with laws, regulations and directives are forwarded to a higher authority for resolution.