Satisfaction Ensuring Process

Estecenter Satisfaction Ensuring Process

Estecenter Satisfaction Ensuring Process

Patient Rights Unit and Your Opinions

As the Patient Rights Unit, we strive to ensure that you receive the service you desire from our hospitals and ensure your satisfaction. In this context:


• We take into account the opinions and thoughts of all patients and their relatives who receive service from our hospital.

• We evaluate the comments with the relevant department managers, work to improve our service quality and focus on solving your problems.

• We provide you with feedback about the decisions and results we make.


In addition to contributing to your satisfaction, the Patient Rights Unit aims to support the development of our hospital with your suggestions and opinions. Not only our Patient Rights Unit, but all our relevant senior managers deal with your complaints and negative opinions in a solution-oriented manner.


To Submit Your Opinions

Every opinion from you is valuable to us. To submit your comments:


• You can reach us through our contact numbers,

• You can send your opinions via the internet by filling out the contact form on our website,

• You can fill out the survey forms in our hospitals,

• You can send messages from our social media accounts,

• You can request a meeting with Patient Rights Unit officials face to face or by phone.


Your opinions are recorded in our system and stored meticulously. Your complaints are evaluated according to patient rights and satisfaction principles. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible by producing solutions that comply with quality standards.