Security Information and Policy

Estecenter Security Information and Policy

Estecenter Security Information and Policy

Our company informs us that personal data may be collected for various purposes. Below, it is stated how and in what way the collected personal data is obtained, protected and used.


By filling out different forms on our membership or store, users’ personal information (such as name, company information, contact information) is automatically collected.


Our company may, from time to time, send information such as campaign information, new product announcements and promotional offers to customers. Users can choose whether to receive this information and manage their preferences in their account settings or by using the links in messages.


Personal information transmitted to our store by our members is used only for specified purposes and is not disclosed to third parties.


Members’ IP addresses are recorded and can be used to detect systemic problems and solve service-related problems. This information may also be used for general demographic analysis.


Our company may use the requested information for direct marketing purposes, other than the purposes specified within the scope of the Membership Agreement. However, it can conduct statistical evaluations and market research without revealing the identities of its users.


Confidential information is kept strictly confidential and necessary security measures are taken.




Our company does not store credit card information and it is securely encrypted during the transaction. To understand that you are on a secure site, you should pay attention to the key or lock icon at the bottom of your browser. Credit card information is transmitted securely using the SSL protocol.


The information of customers who order online by credit card is checked for verification purposes and its reliability is ensured.


Only the information provided by the members can be accessed and changed by them. 128 bit SSL security field is used during membership transactions.




Our company may provide links to other sites, but is not responsible for the privacy policies and contents of these sites.




In certain cases, our company may disclose user information within the framework of legal obligations.




Credit card information or passwords should never be included in e-mails sent to customer services. This information is visible to third parties and cannot be guaranteed by our company.