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Maternity Aesthetics/Postpartum Aesthetics

During this procedure, which is called maternity aesthetics and is one of the most popular aesthetic operations of recent years, the aesthetically undesirable changes seen in the body due to birth are eliminated. The main purpose of this operation, called maternity aesthetics, is to ensure that the body returns to its old and aesthetic appearance after pregnancy, which causes physical changes in women.

What is Mommy Makeover (Torsoplasty)?

Pregnancy causes different physical changes in each woman’s body. Women who enter a new period of their lives after giving birth realize that they have undergone many physical changes. These operations, also known as maternity surgeries, are operations performed to eliminate the negative effects of birth on the mother.


Maternity Aesthetics Prices

Maternity aesthetics, also called postpartum aesthetics, includes many different applications, from breast aesthetics to liposuction , depending on desire and need. Therefore, mommy makeover prices vary depending on the patient’s wishes and needs. In this regard, it is not possible or correct to give a single price.


How is Mommy Makeover Done?

Since the procedures performed during a mommy makeover are different from each other, it is not possible to give a single answer to how the operation will be performed. However, the main purpose is to make the body, which does not have as tight an appearance as before after pregnancy, look healthier. Therefore, many suitable operations are performed by making the body tighter.


Things to Consider in Postpartum Maternity Aesthetics

Postpartum aesthetics are among the procedures that must be performed by a specialist doctor in order to eliminate the undesirable effects of the pregnancy process on the body . Before the operation, tests and analyzes should be performed to determine whether the patient is suitable for the procedure, and the operation and recovery process must be designed specifically for the patient. It should be noted that this application, called postpartum maternity aesthetics, does not include a single procedure and involves many different tasks depending on the wishes and needs of the patient.


What Procedures Are Performed for Mommy Makeover?

Maternity aesthetics, whose main goal is to improve the negative effects of the pregnancy process on the body, is realized through several different applications. Among these applications:

There are operations such as.

Which operation the person needs and how the operation will be performed are decided only by the specialist doctor who will perform the operation.


Postpartum Breast Aesthetics

Postpartum breast aesthetics is one of the operations that women need most after pregnancy. In these operations, the factors that cause the breast area, which is responsible for breastfeeding the baby throughout the pregnancy, to have a sagging appearance, are eliminated. With this operation, which is performed to lift and make the breast more lifted, the breast part has a more aesthetic and healthier appearance.


Postpartum Tummy Tuck

After pregnancy, regardless of how the birth occurs, women notice that their abdominal area does not look as tight and healthy as before. The most important reason for this situation is that the inner part of the abdomen hosts a rapidly growing baby. Thanks to the tummy tuck operation after the birth of the baby, you can make it possible for your abdomen to have a healthier and tighter appearance than before.


Postpartum Genital Aesthetics

There are many different procedures that can be included in postpartum genital aesthetic operations. Thanks to these frequently performed operations, such as vaginal tightening and removal of birth stitch scars, the vagina, that is, the genital area, has a healthier appearance than before.


During pregnancy and subsequent birth, the inner lips in the genital area may become more saggy and wider than normal. Although this is a situation that many people do not like, it is likely to occur after pregnancy. Labiaplasty performed to eliminate this problem; It helps restrict the inner lips and reduce them to their required size.


It is possible to experience loosening of the vaginal muscles after pregnancy. Since this situation can bring about many different problems, vaginoplasty included in pregnancy aesthetics plays an important role. Thanks to this operation, the vaginal muscles are tightened and narrowed.


Postpartum Liposuction

The weight gained during pregnancy is not only difficult to lose, but can also cause the person to have a much unhealthy and less firm appearance than normal. Liposuction operations are performed at different points of the body and eliminate the unwanted appearance.


Caesarean Section Scar Correction

Maternal or postpartum aesthetics, which are performed with different methods such as tummy tuck surgery after cesarean section, also play an important role in eliminating the cesarean scar. Thus, there is no permanent scar on the body after birth.


Postpartum Aesthetic Problems

Those who have a mommy makeover often encounter questions about what risks they encounter after the operation. It should be noted that, as with every procedure, the procedures included in postpartum aesthetics have different risks. It is important that the operation be performed by a specialist doctor and that the risks you may encounter are explained to you before the operation.


Mommy Makeover Risks

It is normal to have various scars after pregnancy aesthetics. These scars disappear completely within six months to two years. However, in order for you to be satisfied with the image obtained after the operation, you must strictly follow the recommendations given by the specialist who performed the application.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeover is suitable for women who have passed at least six months after giving birth and have stopped breastfeeding their babies.
Changes that occur in the body during pregnancy are eliminated by this operation called mommy maker . If you strictly follow the recommendations given by the specialist doctor after the operation, it may be possible for the body to return to pre-natal period.
The healing process of a mommy makeover does not occur in a uniform way and in a single period of time, as the operation is different for everyone. However, the healing process takes approximately six months and the disappearance of the scars continues for approximately two years.
Mommy makeover prices may vary depending on the techniques to be performed within the operation, the technologies required by the techniques, the expertise of the surgeon who will perform the operation, the hospital's pricing policy, the number of days to stay in the hospital after the operation, and similar factors.
The most suitable time for maternity makeover begins after six months after birth.
The procedures included in mommy makeover operations do not prevent getting pregnant again.
Depending on the recommendation given to you by the specialist doctor who performed the procedure, using a corset for at least six months will ensure that the image obtained after the operation is much more satisfactory.
The mommy makeover recovery process continues for approximately two years. At the end of this process, the scars disappear permanently. Therefore, the scars are not permanent.
It is not recommended to do any exercise for six weeks after the mommy makeover, which allows aesthetic applications such as torsoplasty to be performed on different points of the body together.

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