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Hair Transplantation

We have 18 years of experience, high-level expert team and modern technology in our hair transplantation center. We offer hair transplantation services to guests from all around the world.

Gold FUE

The distinctive feature of the Gold FUE technique which is built on the FUE technique is that the tips of the materials and instruments used during surgery are gold. Gold is the least harmful material to human body. In this respect, the Gold FUE technique is to reduce the possible damage to the intended human body as much as possible.

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In the FUE method, hair roots are taken one by one and transferred to bald areas. No surgical intervention is required. Without taking tissue from the area where hair follicles are taken only the individual root cell is studied individually.

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DHI hair transplant method does not use scalpel. The procedure is performed without pain before the holes are opened in the hair. In other methods, the skin parts are removed in the form of scarred hair and there is scarring.

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Plastic Surgery

We are providing our guests from all around the world with plastic surgery services in international standards with our expert team and our modern technological competence.


Lipoplasty is a process that removes excess fat in certain areas of the body. It reshapes the body. People who diet and exercise and those who can not get rid of the unwanted fat in the body parts can do this by getting fat.

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Mammaplasty is the process of making of breasts of people esthetically desirable. Includes operations such as breast reduction, breast enlargement and breast augmentation.

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Rhinoplasty is the creation of a symmetrical image both internally and externally, from the innate or subsequent curve, arch or low vision in the nose of a person. During this operation, the health problems of the patient are also eliminated. As the patient's nasal channels are opened, breathing becomes more comfortable.

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Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetics is the elimination of unwanted problems that occur on the person's face, either by birth or afterwards. It includes operations such as forehead stretching and eyebrow aesthetics, lip aesthetics, eyelid aesthetics, ear aesthetics, facial rejuvenation, facial stretching and jowl aesthetics.

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