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Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Aesthetics

Lip aesthetic prices are determined on an individual basis according to some factors such as the intervention to be applied to the patient, the scope of the procedure to be performed, and the type of anesthesia to be applied.
With lip aesthetic applications applied by surgical or non-surgical methods, the person achieves the change in his/her appearance that is compatible with his/her desired and goals. The proportion of the lips with the other elements of the face is ensured, and a younger and livelier appearance is achieved. The person's smile and normal appearance both undergo a positive change.
Since lip aesthetics is performed under general or local anesthesia, the patient is unlikely to feel pain or discomfort.
Yes, men can also have lip aesthetics if they do not have any health obstacles. It can be stated that men have also shown great interest in facial aesthetic applications in recent years.
• Have infections that can affect the mouth, such as herpes
• Smoker,
• People with diabetes, Lupus or diseases that prevent blood clotting,
• People whose general health conditions prevent anesthesia cannot have lip lift surgery.
It is possible that you may experience mild pain in the first few days after lip aesthetics. However, the pain is at a level that can be eliminated with simple painkillers. However, it should be noted that the pain threshold may vary from person to person.
Yes, lip and nose aesthetics are procedures that can be performed at the same time. One of the standards of rhinoplasty is increasing the distance between the tip of the nose and the lip to the ideal angle. When the two operations are combined, the drooping of the tip of the nose due to age can be prevented and the person can have a younger appearance.
Fine lines may occur on the upper lip skin in people who smoke for many years. Injection is one of the most effective methods to eliminate such problems. Thin and deepened lines can be eliminated with the injection method.

Spider web aesthetics is also an effective method for removing cigarette lines. It can be preferred to correct fine lines around the mouth and increase collagen production. With the tunnel technique, it is entered under the uppermost surface of the skin.

Using fine-tipped needles, light zigzag movements are made through the incisions created in the skin, and intradermal or serrated polypropylene threads are placed. Threads increase collagen production and fine lines are also corrected.
As with all surgeries, lip aesthetic surgeries have some risks. Among these; These include scarring, poor wound healing, blood loss during or after surgery, nerve damage, and allergic reactions to anesthesia.
Lip aesthetics is an operation that should be performed by Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery specialists.
Smoking is not recommended for 4 weeks after lip aesthetics. Because smoking has the effect of reducing blood flow and delaying wound healing. Apart from negatively affecting the wound healing process, it can also be stated that smoking increases the risk of infection.

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