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Double chin aesthetics is the name given to the process of removing the excess fat layer in the food area between the lower part of the chin and the beginning of the neck. The amount of fat in the jowl area causes sagging and folding of the skin. Essentially aiming to provide a more aesthetic appearance to the face and décolleté area, double chin removal aesthetics aims to improve the individual’s quality of life with a permanent touch.

How is Double chin Aesthetics Done?

Double chin removal aesthetics can be performed with or without surgery. Which technique will be applied is decided together with the specialist and the patient, depending on the person’s wishes, health condition, body and chin area structure. General anesthesia is not needed during double chin aesthetics. Surgical double chin surgery usually takes around 40 to 45 minutes.

Double chin Aesthetics Methods

Although double chin and neck aesthetics are performed with two different methods, surgical and non-surgical, these methods also have different types. Surgical procedures are performed using liposuction, laser or vaser methods. Non-surgical double chin aesthetics are achieved by mixing deoxycholic fat-dissolving mesotherapy products and following a protocol.

Things to Consider Before and After Double Chin Aesthetic Surgery

After chin aesthetics, the patient must wear a corset for the first seven days of the recovery period. Thanks to the corset, the healing process progresses faster and the jowl area takes a better shape. In addition, those who have a double chin aesthetic must follow the advice given by the doctor.

It is necessary to stay away from harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking before and after chin aesthetics . If you have a medication that you have to use constantly, you should definitely mention it to the specialist who will perform the application. In addition, it is necessary to eliminate the risk of complications by minimizing the consumption of drugs that prevent blood stagnation, such as aspirin, before the application.

Double chin Aesthetic Surgery Prices

Double chin aesthetic prices vary due to many different factors such as the method of application and the wishes of the patient. The prices of double chin aesthetic operations, which have different types, vary depending on the patient’s condition.

The price of non-surgical double chin aesthetics varies depending on the non-surgical methods they are looking for and the patient’s fat tissue in the area to be treated. A certain price range is given for the examinations carried out by the specialist who will perform the application before the application.


Healing Process After Double chin Removal and Melting Aesthetics

In the process of removing fat from the chin using liposuction , a small incision is made. The recovery process may take up to 1 month. Applications that are performed without surgery or that make the food area look more aesthetic by burning it complete the healing process within 1 to 2 days.

Frequently Asked Questions About Double Chin Aesthetics

Double chin surgery is a permanent procedure. However, one needs to pay attention to one's lifestyle. If the person does not experience intense weight gain or loss after the operation, double chin aesthetics do not need to be repeated.
Double chin surgery can be preferred by anyone who thinks that they do not have an aesthetic appearance due to the dense fat tissue in the chin area. This procedure, which can be performed with or without surgery, has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can decide which application is most suitable for you together with the specialist who will perform the operation.
There is no age limit for double chin aesthetic surgery . However, it is recommended to wait until the age of 18 to achieve the ideal result.
Sagging chin surgery, also known as food aesthetics, is an operation that is generally suitable to be performed under local anesthesia. Food aesthetic surgery, which takes approximately 45 to 50 minutes, can also be performed under general anesthesia in some cases or depending on the patient's request.
Cool Mini, which is referred to as ice chin removal, aims to crystallize fat tissues with cold and then ensure their absorption by the body. Cool Mini and laser are non-surgical methods used for double chin aesthetics. Therefore, thanks to Cool Mini and laser double chin aesthetics, you can achieve the aesthetic appearance you want in the double chin area.
The best double chin aesthetic method varies from person to person. The amount of fat in the person's chin area or the aesthetic appearance the person wants to achieve after the application changes the best chin aesthetic method.
Double chin removal surgery performed under local or general anesthesia prevents the patient from feeling any pain.
Risks such as internal bleeding or infection that may occur after every surgical operation also apply to chin aesthetic surgery. However, the risk of any complications after surgery performed by expert surgeons is very low.
You can use various methods at home to melt the double chin . One of these methods is to do jowl melting exercises using a pencil. Although it does not give as sharp results as operations such as aesthetics, small changes can be observed with careful and regular application.
Non-surgical double chin aesthetics are usually completed in 2 sessions.
Thermage CPT is a method that enables the body to renew itself. In this method, 55-degree heat is given under the skin and affects the lowest layer of the skin. Collagen bands are heated and the subcutaneous connective tissue is tightened.
The Thermage method used in double chin aesthetics allows the chin to have a more aesthetic appearance thanks to radiofrequency waves.
Double chin and chin aesthetics are generally preferred together with neck lift surgery and permanent thread suspension applications.
Ulthera is a cosmetic aesthetic application that uses sound waves and tightens the skin without requiring surgery. Unlike other non-surgical methods, it becomes possible to reach deeper layers of the skin, such as 4.5 to 5 mm.
Sagging chin aesthetics is an aesthetic application that can be preferred by both men and women.

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