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Breast structure is found in both men and women, and breast reduction surgery is performed on both men and women. Breast reduction operations are mostly performed for health reasons. The procedure closest to breast reduction surgery is breast lift. For people who want to decide on breast reduction surgery, there is a method that will help them make a quick decision in front of the mirror. The nipples and the breast fold line are the main points here. If the nipples are located above the breast fold line, there is no problem; However, if the nipples are at or below this line, it is possible to say that their breasts are sagging. This condition can be both painful and challenging in daily life.


How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction surgery can be performed on both male and female patients. While it can be done for aesthetic reasons, it can also be done for purely medical reasons. Medical applications are mostly caused by situations such as sagging due to large breasts and not being symmetrical. In addition, in many people, slouching due to large breasts causes physical problems. Apart from posture disorders, skin problems such as under-breast rash and fungus may also occur due to breast size. Breast reduction surgeries are performed on people over the age of 20. Methods such as lollipop incision or T incision are used. Depending on this, the operation time may last between 2 and 4 hours.



Breast Reduction in Men

Breast reduction surgery is performed not only on women but also on men. Gynecomastia may occur in men when the testosterone hormone is lower than the estrogen hormone for various reasons, and gynecomastia may also occur as a result of other disorders.

More than half of boys are born with large breast tissue due to the effect of estrogen in their mothers, but this disappears 2-3 weeks after birth. Gynecomastia is a common condition during adolescence.


Breast Reduction Surgery Prices

Breast reduction surgery prices are often one of the most curious topics. The main reason for this is that it is both an aesthetic and medical operation. The most important point in determining the price of breast reduction surgery is to be examined. It is not right to give any price without inspection. Determining the price of the surgery is important in determining the price, including the size of the breast, the type of incision to be made, and even the choice of stitches to be applied. To get the most accurate pricing, you should get information from doctors and be examined.


Breast Reduction Aesthetics Techniques and Applications

Breast reduction is performed after the age of 20. The main reason for this is the completion of maturation and the settling of hormones. Immediately after this stage, incision types such as inverted t type and lollipop type should be decided. The type of incision forms the basis of the operation. The most basic point in determining this method is that many factors such as the size of the breast, its consistency, the position of the nipple, and the distance of the nipple from body parts such as the shoulder are important.

When using the lollipop incision type, a narrow incision is made around the nipple. In this way, excess tissue can be removed. The nipple can even be moved up with this procedure. With this method, care can be taken to avoid damaging the milk ducts. With the inverted T type method, an incision is made in the shape of an inverted letter T under the breast. The method proceeds in the same way as the lollipop type incision. In every surgical method, drains and dressings are made. Patients must stay in hospital for one day.


Breast Reduction Aesthetics Before and After Process

Breast reduction surgery can be a challenging process, both in decision making and implementation. However, the relief from both physical and skin discomfort that occurs after surgery is one of the most satisfying points for many patients. The type of operation is decided as a result of the examinations carried out with the selected doctor before the breast removal surgery . A lot of information, such as anesthesia, if any, is arranged in accordance with the selected operation and the necessary tests are performed. After these analyses, re-examinations are carried out in accordance with the operation to be performed. Immediately afterwards, the correct date and time are set. There is a 1-day observation period after the operation. The patient is expected to be dressed for a day.


How to Prepare Before Breast Reduction?

It is essential that the person shares all information about his or her health condition before the operation. Regularly used medications and diagnosed diseases should be shared with the doctor. After the anesthesia checks, even if a seemingly simple problem such as a cold occurs before the operation, the anesthesiologist and doctor must be informed. Alcohol and cigarette use, dietary supplements, and blood-thinning medications should be stopped for the period recommended by experts before the operation.


Things to Consider After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, the person is discharged on the same day or the next day. After the operation, it is important for the person to rest and use the medications prescribed by the doctor regularly. In addition, regular dressing is required. After 2 or 3 days of rest at home, the person can return to his normal life, provided that he does not use his arms too much.

It is important not to lift heavy items, drive vehicles, or do sports that require active use of the arms. Using the special bra prescribed by the doctor after breast reduction surgery is also very important for the results of the operation. It is important not to do heavy sports for approximately 2 months after the operation, not to strain the arms for the first 4 weeks, not to tire the chest muscles, and not to smoke during the recovery period.


Recovery Process After Breast Reduction Surgery

After breast reduction surgery, the patient is expected to stay in the hospital for 1 day. Immediately afterwards, the necessary care should be applied to the stitches and creams specifically suitable for these procedures should be used. These special creams accelerate the healing process of the stitches quite quickly. Continuous checks are carried out for the first 2 weeks after the operation. After the 2nd week, if deemed appropriate, the stitches are removed. Thanks to the special bras used after the operation, the patient can perform activities at home. Special bras or sports bras must be used for 6 weeks after the operation. After 6 to 12 months, sensations such as stinging in the breasts may be experienced.


What is Areola Breast Reduction?

The dark colored area around the nipple is called areola. Just like the breasts, the areola area can be of different colors, sizes and shapes. Large or differently shaped areolas are extremely normal, but areola reduction operations are performed for people who are uncomfortable with this situation. The operation, in which one or both areolas can be reduced, is an extremely simple procedure.

It can also be performed in combination with operations such as breast lift, reduction or enlargement. This procedure can be performed for both women and men. It is extremely normal for women to experience changes in their areola areas after birth and breastfeeding. Areola reduction in women is not performed until growth has completely stopped.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction

One of the most frequently asked questions after breast reduction prices is the breast reduction aesthetic process. The process works quite quickly. While it takes approximately 15 days for the doctor's examinations and the selection of the surgery date immediately afterwards, the operation takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on many sub-factors such as the size of the breast, its condition, and the structure of the skin. It is recommended not to do very strenuous work and to wear a special bra for the first week after the operation. While the stitches are removed in the 2nd week, it is also recommended to start daily activities. At the end of the first month, patients can usually return to work without any problems and can easily carry out their work alone.
Breast reduction operations are mostly requested by people who complain about their breast size. However, at this point, just having big breasts is not enough. While it is a plastic surgery only if you are uncomfortable with the appearance of your breast, it is a medical surgery if it reaches the level of physical and skin disease. Operations are suitable for patients who have complaints such as hunchback, lower back pain, shoulder pain due to the size of their breasts, and in cases of fungus, wounds and infections under the breasts due to the size of their breasts. However, at this point there is a 20 age limit. This age limit is set for hormonal balances and physical maturity. However, this limit may change after a doctor's examination.
Another issue that is most curious about after breast removal is the scar left after the operation. Stitches are required after breast removal operations. The care to be applied after this stitching process may or may not leave a scar at this point. The area should be creamed regularly to avoid scars after these procedures. It is also important to use special medications when necessary. It can be used in different methods in consultation with the physician. Many people state that drinking plenty of water and keeping the area clean is also important. In short, the remaining scars from breast reduction surgery depend on the care the person applies to the stitches.
After breast augmentation and breast removal surgery, the biggest fear of especially female patients may be breastfeeding. In fact, many female patients have their breasts done after birth. However, damage to the milk ducts, which is considered a certain risk, is only a risk. There is no way that it will definitely prevent or prevent the baby from breastfeeding. At this point, the most important part is choosing a doctor and communicating with the doctor. While this situation can be prevented by choosing the right doctor, the operation can be explained in detail by talking to the doctor and it can be shared with the patient that it does not cause any damage to the milk ducts.
After breast reduction surgery, a controlled return to normal life is required. After the operation, the drains are removed at the first check-up after being discharged from the hospital. Afterwards, the person must wear a specially supported bra that must be used continuously for at least a month.

If there are stitches, they will be removed after 10 days. It is possible for the person to return to normal life after a rest period of approximately 7 days following the operation. However, it is necessary to stay away from activities that use the arms intensively for about 1 month. It is very important for the healing process not to do movements such as driving a vehicle, extending your arms to the side, front or back, lifting heavy objects, or carrying objects.

It is possible to take a shower on the 3rd or 4th day after the operation. It is recommended to wait up to 4 weeks to start light sports. For sports such as tennis and volleyball that will exercise the arm muscles intensively, you must wait at least 8 weeks.
People who are considering breast reduction surgery should definitely consult with a Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist who specializes in their field, regardless of the technique they prefer or want. Choosing the right specialist should be based not only on the doctor's field but also on his experience, previous operations and, most importantly, strong communication. A trusting relationship and strong communication between the patient and the doctor not only allows the person to prepare for the process more comfortably, but also prepares for the effects of change by properly planning the results to be obtained after the operation.
The most common reasons for breast reduction operations are that large breast size causes various physical problems in people. Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain can be eliminated with these operations. Another health problem caused by large breast size is the constant appearance of redness and irritation in the fold area of ​​the breast.

In addition, the activities of people with large breasts may be restricted, it may be difficult for them to wear the clothes they want, and their discomfort with their appearance may hinder their social life. When all these reasons are taken into consideration, it can be seen how important it is for the person to have the ideal breast size for both physical and mental health.
Breast reduction surgery is among the most successful and satisfying operations. After a successful operation, the pain in the patients' back, neck and shoulder area disappears over time. Additionally, physical activities can be done more comfortably after a while. It may take time for definitive results to emerge. The final result can be seen when the healing is complete after the operation. This appearance is usually permanent. However, breast enlargement and sagging may occur again after aging, pregnancy or excessive weight gain.
The most suitable period for breast reduction aesthetics is the period when the person's body development is completed. In this way, it is possible to prevent all the problems that may be caused by large breast size. In general, it is recommended to wait until the age of 18 for this operation. This operation can be performed at any age, depending on the person's needs, starting from the age of 18.
As with every surgical operation, there are some risks in breast reduction aesthetics. In order to avoid anesthesia-related complications, people must provide accurate information about their health status. Correctly applying post-operative recommendations also helps reduce risks. After the operation, complications such as infection, bleeding, pain and stiffness in the breast area may occur. In such a situation, contacting the specialist who performed the operation is important in finding the source of the problem and solving it.
If stitches were used during the operation and need to be removed, they can be removed after 10 days. Since aesthetic stitching is generally preferred in such operations, the stitches dissolve by themselves. Otherwise, or due to the use of a drain, check-up appointments to be made by a specialist for stitching and drain removal should not be missed.
If breast reduction surgery is planned correctly and individually, a natural appearance is achieved. Although there may be short-term swelling, redness and bruising in the area after the operation, most of these are expected to disappear within the first 10 days.
There is a possibility of inflammation in the breast after the operation. To eliminate this possibility, the recommendation for medication use before and after the operation must be followed.
Return after breast reduction surgery may occur, although very rarely. Major changes in the body can cause regrowth of breast tissues. These tissues are especially affected by the endocrine system, and changes in hormones can cause breast enlargement.

Additionally, unhealthy choices can also cause breasts to grow back. Malnutrition, sedentary lifestyle and excessive weight gain can cause the breasts to sag again, even if they do not grow much. In addition, giving birth and breastfeeding also cause the breasts to sag.

For this reason, it is recommended that patients eat a balanced diet and exercise regularly after the operation. In addition to all these, medications used for the treatment of some diseases can also cause breast enlargement.
Since breast reduction surgery is an operation performed under general anesthesia, there is no pain or sensation during the operation. Pain may occur in the area as the anesthesia wears off. However, this pain feeling can be controlled with prescription painkillers and is not long-lasting.
After breast reduction surgery, the breasts may sag again. If there is excessive weight gain or loss, sagging may recur. Growth is not as common as sagging. Hormonal imbalances, medication use and significant weight gain can be effective in breast regrowth.
Bra choice is very important for the area to heal comfortably after breast aesthetics. For this reason, it is important to use special corsets prescribed by the doctor and wear a sports bra for a certain period of time after breast reduction surgery.
When planning breast reduction surgery, it is also determined whether or not the nipple will be aesthetically pleasing. If the breasts are very large and there will be a significant change with breast reduction, nipple repositioning may be possible. Of course, changing the location of the nipple will cause concerns about breastfeeding and cause the person to lose the ability to breastfeed. Therefore, sensitivity regarding breastfeeding should be evaluated when planning the operation.
Breast reduction aesthetics with liposuction is known as one of the methods that can be preferred for both men and women, if it is suitable. As in all liposuction applications, it is essential to remove excess fat in the breast reduction procedure. Liposuction is preferred in people with dense fatty tissue in the breast structure. However, the amount of fat to be removed must be determined well in operation planning. Since sagging may occur in the area with the removal of fat tissue, the lift operation may need to be performed simultaneously if necessary.

In liposuction application, incisions are commonly made at three points. Cannulas used for liposuction are placed in approximately 2-3 mm incisions made in the armpit, lower breast fold and aerola. Fat tissue in the breast is removed through these cannulas. The biggest advantage of breast reduction aesthetics with liposuction is that the possibility of scarring after the operation is quite low.
Smoking has negative effects on tissue healing. For this reason, it is recommended that people take a break from smoking before the operation and, if possible, quit smoking. During the recovery period after the operation, it is important not to smoke for at least the first 10 days in order for the tissues to recover faster.
Breast lift aesthetics and breast reduction aesthetics can be performed together. Since sagging occurs more frequently in women with large breasts, it is likely that they will need a lift. For this reason, lifting and reduction can be done together with combined aesthetic planning.
This operation is not suitable for people whose general health condition is not suitable for surgery under general anesthesia. Additionally, breast reduction surgery is not recommended for cancer patients. An operation known as mastectomy, which is planned to be the complete removal of breast tissue, is recommended for people who have a family history of breast cancer and are at genetic risk.
It is normal to experience itching during the recovery period after breast reduction surgery, especially in the incision areas. Itching may be intense in the first week after the operation, and then it is expected to gradually decrease. If there is itching for a longer period of time, the specialist physician who performed the operation should be consulted.

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