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Vagina Whitening

Many different factors such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, birth process, wrong choices in underwear selection or failure to maintain weight balance can lead to darkening of the vagina. People who experience such a problem may feel aesthetically uncomfortable. Thanks to vaginal whitening , also called genital whitening , women gain significant benefits, especially in terms of their sexual lives, while also eliminating any unwanted loss of self-confidence.

Vagina Whitening Prices

Although vaginal whitening laser prices are one of the most researched topics in recent years, it is not right to give a single information about the prices. There are many different factors that cause prices to vary. Things to consider during the application, the patient’s wishes and needs play an important role in determining the prices.


How to Whiten Vagina with Laser?

Vaginal whitening is a non-surgical aesthetic procedure. This operation, which is performed without any pain or long periods of time, is very practical. During this operation, the laser method is usually used. Melanin pigment cells that cause darkening in the genital area are destroyed by laser. Laser, which is among the vaginal whitening methods, plays an important role in eliminating unwanted self-confidence problems by making the skin healthier and lighter in tone.


How to Whiten Vagina with Laser?

Since genital whitening is a laser- based procedure, it is practical and painless. During the application, laser light is applied to the body. In this way, the melanocyte cells in the dermis layer that produce melanin pigment, which causes darkening, are destroyed. In this way, the image with an unwanted and dark color is eliminated.


Vagina Whitening Methods

Problems that occur due to infections, wrong underwear or many other reasons are solved with vaginal whitening surgery . The most preferred method among vagina whitening methods is usually done through laser. Whitening via laser is frequently preferred because it is both more practical and painless.


Before and After Laser Vagina Whitening

There is a visible change in the genital area before and after vaginal whitening . The most important feature of this operation that makes it widely preferred is that the change becomes immediately visible after the application.


Things to Consider Before Vagina Whitening

Vaginal whitening has become one of the most preferred operations in the city of Istanbul. Before the application, which is carried out in order to eliminate this problem, which occurs due to many different reasons, the person must protect the genital area from the sun. In addition, it is absolutely not recommended to apply any cream to the area.


Things to Consider After Vagina Whitening

Although vaginal whitening is an operation that can be performed quickly and completely painlessly using laser, there are factors that need to be taken into consideration to avoid any risk of complications after the operation. Choosing tight clothes and underwear not recommended by the specialist after the operation may cause the laser genital area whitening process to not produce satisfactory results.


What are the Risks of Laser Vagina Whitening Operation?

Genital whitening prices vary for many reasons. Another most frequently researched question on this subject is the risks that may occur after the operation. Complaints such as redness, stinging and burning are among the risks that may occur for a few days after the procedure. In addition, although the color may seem dark to your eyes for the first few days after the operation, peeling occurs afterwards. Although there are no restrictions regarding sexual life after the vaginal whitening operation , it is important to strictly follow the recommendations given by the specialist in order to avoid any risks.

Is Vagina Whitening Permanent?

Whitening process via laser, which is known as a solution to genital area darkening, is both effective and permanent. During this operation, the lower and deeper parts of the skin of the genital area are penetrated. Thus, while the operation becomes permanent, the genital area has a much whiter and lighter color tone after the application.


Why Does the Vagina Darken?

Darkening of the vagina may occur due to many different factors such as irregularity in hormonal balance, infection, making wrong choices when choosing underwear, birth, pregnancy or side effects of birth control pills.


How Long Does the Vaginal Whitening Procedure Take?

The most important factor that determines the vaginal whitening price range is that the operation is completed in a short time. Although it varies from person to person, the operation is usually completed within 15 to 20 minutes. Therefore, the genital darkening problem that causes you to have self-confidence problems is completely eliminated in just 20 minutes, without any pain or suffering.


To Whom Can Vaginal Whitening Be Applied?

Those who have vaginal whitening are people who have problems with darkening of color in the genital area and a loose, sagging structure on the skin. Therefore, vaginal whitening is an operation that can be preferred by women who encounter dark color problems in the genital area due to various reasons. In addition to being an aesthetic operation with a low risk of complications, the fact that it is performed without surgery and only with laser allows the patient to return to his social life in a short time after the operation. It would not be wrong to say that it has many advantages that make it preferred.

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