Nose Reduction Turkey

A surgical method called nose reduction is usually preferred to reduce the nose size. Doctors adjust nasal bones and cartilage while performing the nose reduction surgery. This nose reduction surgery will make your nose look better. Besides it, this procedure also eliminates nasal cavity blockages and facilitates breathing. You should consult your surgeon for the risks of the surgery.

Nose Reduction Surgery Procedure

In this case, the surgeon may use bone manipulation, cartilage, or skin manipulation to achieve the desired shape and size. The treatment for nose reduction typically takes one or two hours; hence, patients leave on that same day, admittedly. The steps of the process is as follows:


  • • Consultation: First of all, you should have an appointment with your doctor to discuss your desires and clear question marks.  
  • • Anesthesia: In order not to feel any pain during the nose reduction, doctors use general anesthesia.
  • • Incisions: The surgeon may make incisions inside your nostrils (closed rhinoplasty) or include a small incision across the skin between your nostrils (open rhinoplasty).
  • • Reshaping: The doctor will restructure your nose tissues for the ideal shape. 
  • • Recovery: Inflammation and bruises may appear after surgery, so relax and follow your surgeon’s recommendations for a quick recovery.

Nose Reduction Cost in Turkey

The cost of nose reduction Turkey varies depending on the procedure and how skilled your surgeon is; however, compared with other countries, it is cheaper for many people who like visiting there. Nose reduction cost will involve payment for the surgery, charges, and medication after the operation.

Nose Reduction for Men

Nose reduction men is a developing trend. Often, men seek this surgery to have a more strong-willed and defined nose shape. The technique is similar for women, but aesthetic targets may differ. Cosmetic surgeons consider every distinctiveness of patients’ facial features and measurements so as not to look fake.

Nose Reduction without Surgery

Doctors might advise you some nose reduction without surgery techniques such as dermal fillers and botox injections. They change the nasal structure without any incision. However, their results are temporary.


Can Nose Size be Reduced?

Yes, nose size can be reduced. The best approach for significant changes should be nose reduction surgery, which allows alterations, particularly with bone and cartilage.


Is Nose Reduction Safe?

Nose reduction has some possible side effects, just like other surgeries. Infections, bleeding, and drug reactions could also occur; however, if carried out by an experienced surgeon, it is safe.


How is Nose Reduction Done?

Doctors use incisions either to the nostrils or at the base of the nose. Therefore, they can reach to cartilage and bones. Then, they reshape structures to have the desired shape after the nose reduction.


Is Nose Reduction Surgery Painful?

Patients undergo general anesthesia during nose reduction surgery and thus do not feel pain. There are prescribed analgesics that can relieve discomfort after nose reduction surgery. Nose reduction Turkey is a cost-effective way of improving the facial look. You can get a symmetrical look using surgical or non-surgical approaches.

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