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The nasal rasping surgery is performed to straighten the ridge of the nose by removing some tissues from the humped nose. For each patient undergoing a nose reshaping, all the features and structure of the nose are evaluated. The already existing problems are identified, and a nose reshaping operation is planned accordingly. So the cause of the nasal dorsal hump has to be well examined before the operation, and the plan of operation must be appropriate. Treatment through nose rasping is targeted at lining the dorsal line with a virtual straight line at the men’s nasal root and nasal tip or lowering it by 1-2 mm in women.

Nose Rasping Surgery Procedure

Doctors use nasal rasping surgery for different reasons. Here’s how the procedure goes:


  • • Consultation: First of all, you should consult a surgeon to get information about the best suitable rasping type for you. In this consultation, he will examine your nose and discuss the necessary points with you. 
  • • Surgery: Doctors usually use general anesthesia during nasal rasping surgery. Doctors begin the surgery by making incisions to the nostrils. After this, they use a rasp to reshape the nasal bone gently.
  • • Post-Surgery: After the procedure, your doctor might advise you to use a splint for a couple of days.

Nose Rasping Cost In Turkey

Several factors affect the cost of nasal rasping in Turkey. Some factors affecting cost might be the experience of the surgeon, your procedure and the location of the clinic.  Compared to other cities, the nose rasping prices are cheaper in Turkey. That’s why most people wanting a high-quality care prefer Turkey.

Nasal Rasping Recovery Time

Nasal rasping recovery is quicker and more manageable than other invasive procedures. Bruises and inflammation are common side effects after the procedure. The nasal rasping recovery time is a gradual process till full recovery.


  • • First Week: You might see inflammation and bruises in the first week of nasal rasping recovery
  • • 2-3 Weeks: Bruising and swelling gradually diminish. You may be advised to wear a splint to support your nose.
  • • 1-3 Months: Most people may be relieved after 14 days but avoid tedious jobs.
  • • Full Recovery: It may take up to six months or a year for the final results to become fully evident as the residual swelling gradually subsides.

Nose Rasping Before and After

The nose rasping before and after pictures give you a slight insight into what to expect after surgery. Considering the nasal rasping before and after photos, your healing may be fast or slow. In most cases, the results of nasal rasping are immediate, though you would have to wait for the inflammation to go down for the best results.


Is Nasal Rasping Safe?

Nasal rasping is safe when performed by a trained surgeon. 


How is Nose Rasping Done?

During nose rasping, the patient is subjected to anesthesia while some cuts are made in the nose, and the nasal bone is resculptured with a rasp tool.   


Is Nose Rasping Surgery Painful?

Some people might experience minimal discomfort during the nasal rasping surgery, which is generally taken care of by analgesics.

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