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Neck Lift Surgery

Neck lift surgery , which is an effective and fast solution to eliminate sagging in the neck and signs of aging, can help you achieve a young and firm appearance. In this surgical procedure, the excess skin is removed, the muscles are tightened and the neck contour is reshaped to provide an aesthetic appearance. After the surgery, a younger appearance is achieved and the person’s self-confidence increases.

Neck lift surgery is performed by expert surgeons and the surgery is performed with minimal scars using state-of-the-art modern techniques. Care is taken to ensure that the scars from the surgery are minimal enough to be unnoticeable. To obtain effective results, a detailed evaluation is required before surgery. It is also preferable to create a personalized treatment plan.You can read our article to get detailed information aboutthe techniques used, risks, results and face and neck lift surgery prices .


Neck Lift Aesthetic Techniques

Neck lift aesthetics is a procedure that includes various techniques used to eliminate sagging and signs of aging in the neck area. These techniques include tightening the skin and muscles, removing excess fatty tissue, and reshaping the neck contour. By using advanced surgical methods and technologies, successful results can be achieved with minimal scars and a rapid recovery process.

Neck lift aesthetics increases the person’s self-confidence by providing a younger and fresher appearance. This procedure, performed by a specialist plastic surgeon, is planned individually according to individual needs and expectations.


How is Neck Lift Surgery Performed?

Neck lift surgery is usually performed through general anesthesia. In the surgery, sagging in the neck and chin area is corrected, the skin is tightened and the aim is to obtain a more youthful appearance. Excess skin and fatty tissue are removed through incisions made during the surgery. Muscles and connective tissue are tightened and fixed. The skin is then closed and stitches are placed. By using modern techniques and technologies, successful results can be achieved with minimal scars and a short recovery period.


How to Perform a Non-Surgical Neck Lift?

Non-surgical neck lift methods are preferred to eliminate sagging and signs of aging in the neck area with non-surgical and non-invasive techniques. These methods may include applications such as laser treatments, radiofrequency, ultrasound, dermal fillers and botox. These procedures; It provides little pain, a short recovery time and fast results. Before the application, the most suitable methods can be determined by observing the needs of your skin by the specialist surgeon.


Neck Lift Surgery Prices

Neck lift surgery prices vary depending on many factors. In particular, people’s needs have an impact on prices. Prices; It may vary depending on the experience of the surgeon performing the surgery, the choice of clinic or hospital, the difficulty of the surgery, and the techniques used for the surgery. To determine your needs for neck lift surgery, it is recommended that you contact a specialist plastic surgeon and get detailed information. Your doctor can make a detailed evaluation in line with your wishes and demands and make a special treatment plan and price calculation for you.


Things to Consider Before and After Neck Lift Surgery

There are some important points to consider before and after neck lift surgery . You must fully follow your surgeon’s instructions before surgery. It is recommended that you make thorough preparations and stop using medications such as smoking and blood thinners. After surgery, it is recommended to stick to the recommended recovery process, perform regular check-ups and follow your doctor’s recommendations.
Paying attention to skin care helps your wounds heal. Attending follow-up appointments recommended by the surgeon and immediately consulting a doctor in case of any complications supports the healing process. Recommendations include resting, eating healthy, and limiting physical activities during the recovery process.


Risks of Neck Lift Surgery

There are risks in neck lift surgery, as in other surgical interventions. Infection, bleeding, and anesthesia-related complications may occur. Wound healing problems may occur among the risks that occur during the process. Risks may include loss of sensation or numbness, irregular scar formation, asymmetry, temporary or permanent nerve damage, skin sensitivity or color changes.

Risks can be minimized with surgeries performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. You can be informed about the risks and possible complications by having a detailed conversation with your doctor before the surgery.


Neck Lift Surgery Recovery Process

The healing process of neck lift surgery will vary from person to person. You may experience swelling, bruising and mild pain for a few days after surgery. Resting, keeping the head elevated, applying cold compresses, and using recommended medications for the first few days can help promote healing. During the recovery process, regular check-ups recommended by the doctor should not be neglected.

During the process, physical activities can be returned over time. Activities can be increased gradually, but heavy exercises should be postponed for a while. It can usually take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months for full recovery and results to be seen.


Frequently Asked Questions About Neck Lift Surgery

Neck wrinkles can be caused by various reasons such as the aging process, decreased skin elasticity, excessive sun exposure, genetic factors and incorrect posture. Wrinkles may occur on the neck as collagen and elastin production in the skin decreases. The formation of neck wrinkles can be prevented or reduced with measures such as skin care, sun protection and upright posture habits.
It may not be possible to stop neck wrinkles completely. However, you can slow down and reduce their formation by taking precautions or applying appropriate skin care. Factors such as sun protection, use of moisturizer, regular exercise and a healthy diet can help minimize neck wrinkles by supporting skin health. Massaging the neck area and avoiding harmful habits such as smoking are also recommended to maintain skin firmness and increase elasticity.

It may not be possible to stretch your neck by doing sports. However, exercise to strengthen the neck muscles can help the neck area look tighter and younger. Activities such as neck exercises and yoga strengthen muscles and can help reduce neck sagging. It can be said that surgical methods are much more effective for sagging skin and deep wrinkles.
Herbal cures can be supportive for neck tightening. It may not be possible for them to promise miraculous results on their own. Natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, Aloe vera or green tea help increase skin elasticity. Herbal cures can be used to provide elasticity, especially in the early stages of sagging. For effective results, regular use of these methods and a healthy lifestyle and exercise are recommended.
Neck lift surgery helps achieve a younger appearance by removing sagging and wrinkles in the neck area. With neck rejuvenation performed through surgical procedures, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed, muscles are tightened and the skin is regulated. In this way, a young and aesthetic appearance can be achieved.
Men can also have neck aesthetics. Neck aesthetics is as important for men as it is for women. Neck sagging, wrinkles and aging effects can also be seen in men. Neck lift surgery or other aesthetic procedures can also help men achieve a more youthful and aesthetic appearance.
Neck lift surgery may be suitable for anyone who is uncomfortable with sagging and wrinkles in the neck area. People who show signs of aging, those who want to correct aesthetic problems in the neck area, and those who want to give themselves a younger and more aesthetic appearance can prefer neck lift aesthetics. Due to the general health conditions of the person, the procedure may be decided upon detailed screening by the doctor.
Mild pain and discomfort may occur after neck lift surgery . It may be preferable to relieve pain with painkillers for a few days after surgery. Swelling, bruising and a feeling of tightness may also be observed. These symptoms usually decrease over time, and the pain decreases as the healing process progresses. Pain can be minimized thanks to the doctor's recommendations and prescribed painkillers.

Necklift, in other words neck lift, is a surgical procedure performed to eliminate wrinkles that occur in the area due to age. Excess skin and fat in the area is removed to create a smoother and thinner profile. Neck lift aesthetics can be applied alone or in combination with different aesthetic operations.

Double chin aesthetics is a method applied using laser lipolysis to remove sagging under the chin and excess fat in the chin area due to various reasons. At the same time, surgical chin tightening can be performed on older people who have a loose chin problem.
After neck lift surgery, a drain is usually placed in patients to remove blood and fluid from the application area. In addition, corset use may be preferred to ensure the permanence of the new shape of the skin. Drains and stitches are removed within the time period determined by the doctor. It is considered normal to see bruising and swelling after the operation. During the healing process, care should be taken to keep the head upright and above heart level. Care should be taken not to bend the neck.
Different healing processes are observed depending on the techniques applied. In non-surgical techniques, the healing process is completed in a shorter time than in surgical techniques. Completely following the doctor's recommendations, specifically the technique applied, will ensure a rapid recovery process.
Neck lift can be applied alone or in combination with double chin aesthetics, face lift, eyebrow lift and eyelid aesthetics, depending on the needs of the patient.

Double chin aesthetics: Double chin aesthetics is a procedure that can be performed both surgically and non-surgically. It is possible to obtain successful results with non-surgical methods in the early stages of sagging chin. However, there may be a need for surgical methods in the future.

Face lift: Face lift is applied to eliminate wrinkles and sagging that occur as a result of aging. Facial aesthetics, which aim to eliminate signs of aging on the chin, middle and lower face, can be applied together with neck lift aesthetics. As a matter of fact, neck lift surgery is also included within the scope of full face lift surgery.

Eyebrow lift: Apart from surgery, also known as temple lift, eyebrow lift can also be performed using the eyebrow sling method. Eyebrow lift surgeries can be performed in combination with eyelid aesthetics, neck lift and face lift surgeries.

Eyelid aesthetics: Eyelid aesthetics, in other words Blepharoplasty, is a surgery performed to remove sagging, excess skin and muscle tissue on the lower and upper eyelids. Thus, in addition to correcting the aged appearance, sagging that may even restrict the visual field can be eliminated.
A slight pain may be felt after neck lift surgery. This situation, which is quite normal, can be resolved with the use of simple painkillers. Likewise, bruising is considered normal after neck lift surgery. The healing time of bruises varies depending on the person's skin structure.
As the name suggests, the plastic surgery performed to obtain a neck reminiscent of the posture of a swan is called swan neck aesthetics. This method, which is applied to give the neck a more prominent appearance, eliminates the effects of gravity in the under-chin and neck area. Likewise, sagging may occur due to excessive weight gain or loss or genetic factors.
Chemical peeling is a procedure in which the upper layers of the skin are peeled off by applying a chemical solution. A smoother skin can be achieved with the chemical peeling method applied to the neck, face and hands. In general, the chemical peeling method is used to treat facial wrinkles, skin color changes and scars. It can be used alone or with other cosmetic procedures.
Mesotherapy is a medical aesthetic procedure performed by injecting solutions consisting of vitamins, enzymes, hormones and plant extracts to rejuvenate and tighten the skin.

The purposes of mesotherapy include tightening loose skin, reducing wrinkles and lines, reshaping the body, and brightening the skin. If applied to the neck area, it is possible to provide effects such as skin tightening and reducing wrinkles and lines in this area.
Thread tightening is a method performed under local anesthesia. It is applied by tightening the skin with threads attached to the neck and chin area. In this method, which can be applied to the face and neck, the use of dissolvable threads with variable permanence may be preferred. This method, in which threads are placed under the skin, provides tightening and tightening effects in the neck area.
When deciding on neck aesthetic surgery, the patient is examined in detail, his expectations are listened to and his needs are determined. Neck lift aesthetic surgery may be preferred in patients who have tried non-surgical procedures and failed to obtain results or in whom non-surgical procedures are found to be ineffective. Of course, factors such as whether the person has a health problem that prevents surgery are also evaluated during the decision-making phase.
In cases where only neck lift surgery is performed, the operation takes approximately 2-3 hours. However, in cases where it will be combined with different procedures, the surgery duration may be longer depending on the scope of the application. During the operation planning process, patients are informed about the surgery duration.

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