Mustache Transplant Turkey

A mustache transplant is a procedure that involves transplanting hair follicles. It is done to enhance or restore the appearance of a mustache. This process is similar to hair transplant surgeries performed on the scalp, but it is specifically focused on the mustache area. With Turkey’s successful surgeons who are experts in their jobs, especially in the hair transplant area, you will achieve the look you always desired.


Mustache Transplant Procedure

Like all procedures, this one also starts with a consultation process. Consultation can help with getting a satisfactory result. In addition, if you have any medical conditions that can pose a risk to you during or after the surgery, this risk can be prevented thanks to this process. Later on, to have mustache hair transplant, the donor area and the mustache area must be shaved and cleaned. After the surgery, it is essential to follow the instructions of your doctor to prevent any irritation or risk that can occur post-procedure.

Mustache Transplant Turkey Cost

Regarding hair transplant procedures, Turkey is one of the first countries to come to mind. Mustache transplant Turkey is also in demand and thriving. Several factors may affect the mustache hair transplant cost. These factors may be the selected clinic, the surgeon, their level of expertise, and the techniques that are used during your surgery. With surgeons who are the best in their area, Estecenter offers all their patients an excellent, budget-friendly, and high-quality experience when it comes to aesthetic surgeries. To have a first-rate and comfortable surgery for a reasonable price, Turkey is an excellent choice for mustache transplant surgeries.

Mustache Transplant Before and After

Before surgery, patients may undergo pre-operative tests and a medical history review, and they can be advised not to use some medications or stop some habits that could affect the surgery or recovery. After these tests, the surgeon will examine the area of transplantation to decide the availability of the follicles. Additionally, they will assess the mustache area to devise a strategy that aligns with patients’ desired outcomes. After the procedure, it is expected to experience some discomfort, such as redness or swelling in both the donor and recipient areas. If these do not pass within a few days to a week, it is advised to go see a doctor. New hair starts growing from the transplanted follicles after a few months. With proper technique and care, the hair will look natural. You can also groom your mustache without any problem. Moustache transplant before and after period passes successfully in the hands of Estecenter’s experienced surgeons.



How Long Does Mustache Take to Grow Back?

Significant hair growth is expected to start after three to four months. However, you can only see the outcome after six to twelve months.

Is Mustache Transplant Painful?

Pain tolerance may change from patient to patient. However, since the patient will be under anesthesia, the procedure is expected to be tolerable.

What are the Side Effects of Mustache Transplant?

If you choose a trustworthy clinic with experienced surgeons, side effects will not be seen after the surgery. Research is recommended to get the result you want without any risks.

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