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Hair Mesotherapy

One of the most preferred applications today in order to prevent hair loss and make hair healthier is hair mesotherapy operation. You can find what you are wondering about this operation under the headings below.

Hair mesotherapy is a preferred treatment method for problems such as hair loss, weakening or decrease in hair quality that occur for various reasons. Hair problems, which are common in men and women, occur for various reasons. This situation may also cause the hair to lose its aesthetic appearance over time. Although various cosmetic suggestions are preferred to prevent hair problems, they may not always produce sufficient results. At this point, the preferred hair mesotherapy can also be considered as a complementary hair treatment.

What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that allows substances such as vitamins, minerals and proteins that the body needs for healthy hair to be injected into the scalp. Hair loss over time for various reasons and becoming less aesthetic may cause a dull, lifeless appearance and may disturb the person. In this case, the preferred hair mesotherapy is known as a regenerative treatment and a method that allows the hair to have a stronger appearance in a short time.


How is Hair Mesotherapy Done?

Hair mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic treatment technique that must be performed by experts and experienced people in this field. During the application, a serum is prepared by mixing ingredients that nourish the hair follicles and support hair growth, and this serum is injected into the scalp in sessions. With hair mesotherapy, which stimulates the roots and supports existing hair, the necessary ingredients are injected into the hair.

First of all, thermotherapy method is applied to prepare the scalp for the application  . In this way, the scalp becomes softer and prepares for mesotherapy. For treatment, special mixtures are prepared according to the structure of the hair and the rate of loss and wear. These mixtures contain elements such as vitamins, blood circulation enhancers, minerals and oligos.

Experts who will perform mesotherapy may add different medications to the mixture depending on the patient’s hair structure. The prepared drug mixture is placed into the mesotherapy gun. With this tool, it is possible to apply the process more easily and evenly to the entire scalp.

Each time the gun is pressed, the 2 – 4 mm needle tip of the syringe comes into contact with the scalp and thus the medicine is applied to the scalp. Since the gun is connected to the computer, the dose of the injected drug can be adjusted on the computer screen. Application can also be done manually, without using a gun. However, during manual hair mesotherapy application, it may not be possible to follow the dose of the medication and spread the medication evenly over the entire scalp surface.

After the operation, a special oil is applied to the scalp in order to keep the medicine in the hair follicles for a long time. After the application, the hair should not be washed and no cream or oil should be applied to the hair.


Hair Mesotherapy Prices

Hair mesotherapy prices are one of the most curious topics about mesotherapy, which is one of the most preferred hair treatment methods. If the hair acquires an unaesthetic appearance due to reasons such as shedding, breakage or breakage, the prices of this preferred treatment method vary depending on many factors. Hair mesotherapy, which includes a treatment process that lasts for more than one session and is therefore specially designed for each patient, has a price range that varies according to the wishes of the hair.


Effects of Hair Mesotherapy;

The benefits of hair mesotherapy include making your hair look visibly healthier in a short time. Another effect of mesotherapy, which is performed to treat hair that is shed and does not have a healthy appearance, is the elimination of the problem of regional baldness. This treatment method, which supports new hair formation, also plays an important role in making existing hair look healthier.

The effects of the application can be grouped under the following subheadings:

The side effects of hair mesotherapy have not yet been officially determined.

Before and After Hair Mesotherapy

Patients who want to perform hair mesotherapy are first applied a method that softens the scalp. Thanks to this method, the hair is made ready for mesotherapy. After the application, it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun, not wash your hair for a while, and take into account the recommendations given by the specialist. Thus, the effects after mesotherapy will be visible and the hair problems will be eliminated in a short time.


Who Can Have Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a treatment method that can be preferred by individuals of all ages and genders who have problems such as hair loss, thinning or thinning of their hair due to various reasons. This treatment method, which is carried out with hair mesotherapy serums, is carried out by injecting the substances that the hair needs to have a healthy appearance into the scalp.


Hair Mesotherapy Components

The components used for mesotherapy may be different for each patient. Because mesotherapy is a treatment method completely designed specifically for the patient. Many different ingredients including vitamins and minerals are preferred in this treatment method, which is applied in different sessions and aimed to find a solution to the hair problems experienced by patients.

These components;

Hair Mesotherapy Serums

Serums used for mesotherapy hair treatment are produced completely specifically for the patient. Serums containing different ingredients vary depending on why the patient prefers this treatment. The content of these serums, which are preferred to ensure that the hair has a healthier appearance, varies from patient to patient.

Hair Mesotherapy Ampoules

Another product preferred during hair mesotherapy application is ampoules. Ampoules contain vitamins and minerals that will affect the hair in a short time and eliminate the unwanted appearance. In addition, different substances that are good for hair may also be included in the ampoules. The ampoules to be used during mesotherapy application also vary depending on the patient’s wishes and needs.

Methods Applied with Hair Mesotherapy

It is possible to say that there are different methods applied during this treatment method, called hair mesotherapy, which eliminates the discomfort people experience in their hair. Additional treatment methods can be applied according to the practitioner’s guidance and the patient’s wishes. Hair mesotherapy, which involves placing and injecting components that nourish the hair follicles into the hair, is preferred because it makes the hair look more vibrant and shiny and stops hair loss, and can be supported by additional treatment methods.


Hair Mesotherapy or PRP?

Hair mesotherapy and PRP are two different treatment methods performed to make the hair look healthier and eliminate the problems that occur. PRP is a serum prepared with the patient’s own blood. However, in mesotherapy application, vitamins, minerals and different components that the scalp needs are applied. Therefore, although both methods are useful for treating hair, it is possible to say that hair mesotherapy creates visible effects in a short time.

Examining the before and after images of hair mesotherapy will be useful to see how quickly people who benefit from this treatment have progressed. Mesotherapy, which is preferred to eliminate the problems that occur in the hair and cause patients to lose self-confidence, attracts attention and is preferred because it is a treatment method that acts in a short time.

What is the Use of Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is an advantageous and beneficial treatment method in every respect, making hair look more vibrant and shiny, thickening thin hair, eliminating hair loss and supporting sparse hair to have a thicker appearance. During the application, the active ingredients needed for the hair to have a healthy appearance are injected into the hair. In this way, hair that is damaged or burned due to the use of wrong cosmetics or chemical products gains a healthier appearance. In addition, hair mesotherapy can be preferred to eliminate hair problems caused by health reasons and to give the hair a healthier appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy treatment aims to strengthen existing hair. It is not possible for new hair to grow with this method.
Hair mesotherapy is not a procedure that can be completed in a single session. An average of 10 sessions of mesotherapy may be required to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss.
The biggest benefit of hair mesotherapy is the revitalization of dying hair follicles. If you have hair mesotherapy when your hair starts to fall out and thin, you can easily see the change in your hair.
The procedure takes 25-30 minutes.
The results obtained with mesotherapy are permanent.
Since all the components needed by the hair follicles and hair cells are sent to the scalp by injection method, the treatment results in a high rate of success.

Before and after hair mesotherapy, hair cells that maintain their vitality but cannot grow new hair are stimulated and thus healthy hair grows. Hair mesotherapy application definitely prevents hair loss as a result of different numbers of sessions; It helps damaged hair gain vitality, regain its health and restructure. Definite success can be achieved after approximately 10 sessions.

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