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This operation, called mini face lift or face lift surgery, is performed to eliminate sagging in the cheek and lower jaw area in the lower half of the face. This operation, which is performed with different surgical techniques and applied to the facial area, makes it possible to perform facial rejuvenation with shorter skin incisions compared to the classical face lift surgery.

What is Mini Facelift MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension)?

The name of the technique used for mini face lift surgery is MACS technique . In this technique, it is performed only in front of the ear; no operation is performed below or behind the earlobe. The most important difference from other techniques is that the sagging tissues on the cheek skin are suspended with the help of stitches, not towards the side, but upwards, that is, towards the places where they used to be. It is possible to say that this technique has many different advantages that make it preferred.

How is Mini Face Lift (Macs Lift) Done?

This technique, which allows sagging to be fixed by hanging it upwards rather than to the side, is preferred due to its different features. Macs lift is a procedure that takes place only in front of the ear. Therefore, nothing visually disturbing will occur.


Mini Face Lift Surgery Prices

Mini facelift prices vary due to factors such as the factors to be considered during the operation, the patient’s wishes and needs, and how the operation will be performed.


Before and After Mini Face Lift Surgery

There are significant changes in the patient before and after the mini facelift . The facial area may have a sagging appearance due to many different reasons. With the mini face lift surgery performed by taking into account the factors that cause this condition, the sagging appearance, especially in the cheek and chin area, is eliminated. The facial area has a healthier appearance.


How Many Days Does Mini Face Lift Take to Heal?

Mini facelift surgery, which is preferred by those who think that they do not have the facial area they want due to sagging skin, has its own different features. One of the most frequently researched and curious topics about this operation is how long the recovery process is after the operation. The stitches are removed within three to seven days after the operation. After two weeks, the patient can go out and participate in social life. Sportive activities are considered appropriate after six weeks, and complete recovery varies between approximately one and six months. How long it will take for you to recover after the operation and the factors you need to pay attention to after the operation are directly related to the care you take.


Who Can Have a Mini Face Lift?

Another issue that is most curious about mini face lift prices and this operation, which has become a subject of research, is who it is suitable for. This application is suitable for people with little or moderate sagging of the skin.


Is Mini Face Lift Permanent?

It is possible to answer the question of those who have had a mini face lift, which has become one of the most frequently researched topics in recent years, and whether this operation is permanent or not, that the operation is permanent. Although the aging process after the surgery continues from the age at which the person withdraws, the permanence of the application is an important detail in obtaining a much younger and healthier appearance.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lip Aesthetics

• This method does not eliminate bags or wrinkles around the eyes or forehead, or wrinkles on sun-damaged skin.
• It provides limited improvement in deformations around the mouth and nose.
Having this procedure done once does not constitute an obstacle to having surgery again. If a person has had this procedure once at the age of 40-50, he or she can have a facelift surgery again in the 60s. Since mini face lift surgeries have been minimized, a successful operation is performed by intervening only on the cheeks, lower face and chin, instead of lifting the entire face. Since this is mostly used in sagging cheeks, it eliminates the effects of aging on the face at an early age. For this reason, face lift surgery can be performed again for wrinkles and sagging that reoccur in older ages. It would be appropriate to perform this operation at an early age, before the effects of aging on the face progress.
• There are some advantages to having it done before the sagging and aging effects on the face become too advanced, that is, at the age of 40-50.
• Problems during this period can be resolved with mini face lift surgery in a shorter time and with fewer scars.
• Bruises and swelling that may occur after the surgery are less, and the recovery period is shorter than the classical face lift method.
• Because of the younger age, it is easier for the wound to heal and the skin to recover.
• The improvement and rejuvenation of the face after the surgery is perceived as more natural by the people around.
• Thanks to this technique, there is no change in the person's facial features. Rejuvenation effects occur only on the face.
• After the mini facelift procedure, younger people will be in a better psychological condition as they will be in active business and social life with a younger and more dynamic face.

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