Lip Reduction Turkey

Lip thinning surgery reduces the volume of the lips to make them look smaller. Lip thinning entails reshaping the entire lip region by taking skin tissues from the lower or upper lip. An anesthetic prevents the patient from feeling pain throughout the procedure. After a prior lip augmentation treatment, most patients with lip thinning surgery may end up with more prominent lips than expected. 


Emerging asymmetries may also be amenable to lip reduction surgery. Aesthetic lip reduction operations can fix cleft lip and palate. When you get lip thinning or reduction, your lips will never be the same size again. Now, let’s explore lip reduction, its process, and the suitable people for the treatment.

Lip Reduction Process

Lip thinning surgery is a simple operation performed under mild anesthetic. The doctor starts the procedure by marking the areas. He uses local anesthetic to numb your lips. He uses a small incision on the inner region of the lip to minimize scars. Excess tissues are removed to have the desired size and contour in the lips. After this process, he stitches the incision. You might experience mild swelling and soreness.

Lip Reduction Price in Turkey

Lip reduction price isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Estecenter offers competitive lip reduction cost with excellent patient care. When considering a lip reduction cost in Turkey, remember to consider factors that determine the final price, such as the surgeon’s expertise, geographical location, complexity of the procedure, and practice specifics.

Lip Reduction Without Surgery

Even if lip thinning offers you permanent results, if you don’t like needles it might not be suitable for you. However, you can still have a lip reduction without surgery to have the desired look:


  • • Makeup: If you use makeup effectively with tips and tricks of lip liners, you can have lip reduction without surgery.
  • • Targeted Exercises: Some believe facial exercises can help reduce lip fullness, although results are often temporary.
  • • Hydration is Key: Plumpness sometimes comes down to dehydration. Upping your water intake can subtly affect your lips’ appearance.

Lip Reduction For Male

Man also can have this procedure. There are some men having full lips and they are not satisfied with it. However, lip reduction male can be a solution for them. If you are a male having problems with your lips, you can consider having lip reduction male surgery.


Can You Get A Lip Reduction?

You can get a lip reduction if you are unhappy with your lips. It is beneficial when the lips pose a problem, such as drooling or an impaired speech pattern.


Is Lip Reduction Surgery Permanent?

You can make an impression with lip thinning surgery, but subtle changes may occur with time as you age.


Is Lip Reduction Surgery Safe?

A low-level risk is associated with lip thinning surgery if done by a licensed cosmetic surgeon. The risks can be reduced by disclosing your medical records.

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