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A lip lift is a surgical process in which a minute strip of skin from the base of the nose through to the upper lip is resected while the underlying area is tightened to give a small but appreciable enhancement of the upper lip. To have a more visible lip, you can think about an operation adding volume and shape. If you want a volume to your upper lip, you can consider having a lip lift. It will give you a more certain, clear upper lip lift with a revitalized appearance. Continue reading to see if lip lift is right for you.

Lip Lift Procedure

The upper lip lift procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia; hence, you would be awake without pain. Your surgeon would then make a small incision just under your nose after plotting the skin to be excised, mostly not noticeable. After the careful excision, the incision is sutured meticulously for a subtle lip lift scar. The whole lip lift procedure takes about one hour.


Lip Lift Recovery Time

The time required for a lip lift recovery may vary, but for most people, there is some swelling and soreness immediately after the lip lift procedure. The stitches can be either dissolvable or removed one week after the surgical lip lift. The results should be seen after some time as the swelling reduces. Resting and applying ice to the area is perfect, although most people can manage the pain with over-the-counter medication. Overall, lip lift recovery is usually a smooth process but you should be careful about your movements.

Types Of Lip Lift

There are different types of lip lift according to the desires:


  • • Direct Lip Lift: It is the most preferred type. It uses a “gullwing” shaped incision and targets to give volume to the area under your nose.
  • • Central Lip Lift: If you want more visible upper teeth and more centered fullness, this option focuses on the middle area of your lip.
  • • Corner Lip Lift: This type targets people with downturned corners of their mouths. A modest upturn is achieved by making incisions at the edges.
  • • Italian Lip Lift: This innovative technique uses tiny threads inserted under the skin to lift your lip without incisions.
  • • Bullhorn Lip Lifts: These lip lift types are named for their incision, which resembles the shape of bull horns. It’s excellent for shortening the lip and creating a plumper effect.

Lip Lift With Rhinoplasty

A lip lift with rhinoplasty surgery combination can achieve a stunning overall change to your facial balance and profile by giving you a smaller-looking nose and a more defined upper lip lift.

Non Surgical Lip Lift

If you are not needle-friendly, a few temporary non surgical lip lift options with less downtime may give the same result as a surgical lip lift. Remember that these non surgical lip lift options can be good for “trying on” a more significant lip look, but the results are far less dramatic and permanent than an actual lip lift surgery.


  • • Botox Lip Flip: Injecting bits of Botox into the upper lip softens the muscle, which causes it to lift gently. This non surgical lip lift gives the illusion of a fuller lip for a few months.
  • • Dermal Fillers: A doctor can strategically inject fillers into the upper lip area to plump and contour its shape, but it will fade after a few months.
  • • Russian Lip Lift: This non-surgical Russian lip lift procedure involves injecting little filler drops vertically into the lip. It opens up the lip body by lifting and widening it without sacrificing projection.

Lip Lift Cost Turkey

While Turkey is known for its affordable cosmetic procedures, it’s essential to understand that lip lift Turkey price can still vary. Factors influencing lip lift cost:

  • • Clinic and Practitioner: Reputable clinics with highly experienced injectors often charge more. Do your research, read reviews, and check lip lift before and after pictures.
  • • Lip Lift Method: Different methods of lip lift come at various price points. Some may last longer with specific benefits that might translate to a higher lip lift cost.
  • • Lip Lift TurkeyUpper lip lift cost in cities like Istanbul are higher than in smaller towns.

Lip Lift Before And After

Just check out some lip lift before and after photos to get a natural feel for the kind of improvements possible.

Lip Lift for Men

Although this is usually a woman-centric treatment, a lip lift for men is possible. A subtle lip lift in a man can enhance the overall masculine look with a touch of natural fullness at the lips.


Are Lip Lifts Permanent? 

Yes, a surgical lip lift is permanent and will last for a long time. 


How Long Does a Lip Lift Last? 

Due to natural reasons, the lips will tend to settle after a while. The results should still be substantially better than the lip line before the lift. 


Who Is Not A Good Candidate For A Lip Lift? 

A lip lift is inappropriate for all, particularly individuals whose distance from the nose to the lips is small. A consultation is what determines if a lip lift suits your needs.


Do Lip Lifts Look Natural? 

You will have beautiful and natural-looking lip lift results with a skilled surgeon.


What Is The Best Age For A Lip Lift? 

Lip lift is only administered to adults. Getting a lip lift depends on personal desires and the natural effects of aging. 


Does A Lip Lift Change Your Smile? 

Your smile will remain unchanged after a lip lift. It can make you show more upper teeth while at rest, thus creating a plump smile.

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