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Hymen Stitching

Hymenoplasty is an operation performed to repair the hymen of women whose hymen is damaged due to certain reasons. Disruption of the hymen is a condition that causes depression and psychological distress in women. Thanks to hymen suturing, the hymen is restored.

Hymen stitching ; Sexual intercourse is the repair of the hymen due to tearing of the genital area due to a physical blow or masturbation. In order for hymenoplasty to be successful, the procedure must be performed in a suitable hospital environment and by doctors who are specialized in their field.
Hymen types vary. In some women, this membrane has a narrow and flexible structure and does not break during sexual intercourse. In some women, the membrane may rupture with the first sexual intercourse because it is not flexible. In rare cases, the hymen may rupture outside of sexual intercourse. Using tampons, pelvic examination, cycling, climbing, masturbation, some exercises and gymnastics are also situations that may cause the hymen to break down.

Hymenoplasty (Hymenoplasty) Prices

The price of hymen stitching will vary depending on the method and conditions in which the stitching will be performed (laser stitching, whether general or local anesthesia will be used, etc.). For hymen transplantation in Istanbul, you need to get information by calling our center or via the free consultation line via WhatsApp.

How is Hymenoplasty Surgery Performed?

Hymenoplasty is done in two ways: permanent hymenoplasty and short-term repair. Depending on the patient’s preference, the operation can be performed by putting the person to sleep through sedation or by giving local anesthesia.

One of the hymenoplasty methods is the flap method. Vaginal tissues with excessive blood flow are removed and a new membrane is created at the entrance to the vagina. As soon as intercourse occurs after the hymen is stitched, the hymen ruptures and bleeding occurs. The operation is a short-term surgical procedure and takes approximately 20-30 minutes. It is not a painful intervention. Following the doctor’s recommendations after the surgery and using the prescribed medications without interruption is an issue that should be taken into consideration as it may shorten the healing process.


Things to Consider Before and After Temporary Hymen Stitching

Temporary hymen stitching is a procedure performed without any pain by applying local anesthesia. The stitches on the vaginal wall are brought closer together to prevent bleeding during intercourse. One of the most curious questions of people who want to have the procedure done is whether temporary hymen stitching can be understood. It must be said that the operation is absolutely not understandable from the outside.
If the planned sexual intercourse will take place within 1-7 days, temporary hymen stitching should be done; if it will take place after a longer period of time, permanent stitching should be preferred. Your doctor’s recommendations and prohibitions on what you should pay attention to after temporary hymen transplantation are very important. Your doctor may impose restrictions such as not exercising or swimming in the pool. You may need to make changes in your eating and drinking habits. You should also follow the instructions your doctor gives you on matters such as sitting and taking a shower after hymen transplantation.


Hymen Replantation with Laser

The biggest misconception about laser hymen stitching is the idea that the entire procedure takes place with a laser. In the laser method, tissues are cut by beam and stitches are applied while joining. Laser is only a preparatory method. In addition, the laser method prevents bleeding after hymen repair and shortens the healing process.


Long-Term Hymen Replantation

If sexual intercourse will take place within 30 days or longer, permanent planting should be preferred. Although the duration of this operation is short, the recovery process after hymenoplasty takes 2-3 weeks. For this reason, it is important for the person who will have the procedure to prepare for the operation, taking into account the recovery process. It is important to pay attention to
toilet habits after hymen transplantation . It is necessary to clean the stitched area gently. Care should be taken to avoid using harsh and irritating hygiene materials and to use warm water for cleaning. Care should be taken not to become constipated as this can create pressure in the area and jeopardize the stitches.


What are the risks of Hymenoplasty Surgery?

There is no risk of hymen stitching. You can get more information by consulting your doctor before the operation.


Short-Term Hymen Replantation

Temporary suturing of the hymen can be defined as short-term repair. The operation must be performed within 1 week before sexual intercourse. It is possible to have the procedure done 1 day before. It should not be late for stitching because the temporary stitches will fall off on their own and the membrane will return to its ruptured state.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hymen Procedure

It will not be understood by your sexual partner, and it is not possible to understand it even with a gynecological examination.
Planting process; It takes about 1 or 1.5 hours in total, including preparation, anesthesia, operation and rest time. Healing time is not important for short-term (temporary) hymenoplasty. Because intercourse must take place within 7 days at the latest. In the permanent procedure, healing symptoms of hymenoplasty begin to appear in about 4 weeks. The absence of severe pain and soreness, mild itching, and the absence of spontaneous bleeding are indicators that the surgery site is healing properly. Healing is completed within 6 weeks.
It is expected to have intercourse within 7 days at most. In cases exceeding 7 days, it poses a risk as the stitches may open spontaneously.
After application, the stitches begin to dissolve within a week. Approximately 10. At the end of the day, a slight itching sensation may occur. It takes 2-3 weeks for the stitches to completely fall off.
Like any surgical intervention, hymen repair surgery carries some risks.

Infection may occur if proper sterilization is not performed during and after the procedure. Therefore, it is very important to create hygienic conditions and strictly follow your doctor's recommendations.
It is expected that you will experience stinging, mild pain and light bleeding after hymen surgery, but if the stinging, bleeding and pain become severe, a doctor should be consulted immediately.
Rarely, complications may occur due to anesthesia or tissue reactions during surgery. In such a case, you should consult your doctor.
Damage to the hymen can be detected by blood coming from the vagina. Bleeding may be one or a few drops, or more intense bleeding may occur. Sensations such as pain and burning in the vagina and in the groin area can also be shown as symptoms of the deterioration of the hymen.
Failure of hymen stitching may cause irreparable consequences. Therefore, it is of great importance that the hymen stitching procedure is performed by doctors who are experts in their field and that you follow your doctor's recommendations after the surgery. Considering the conditions mentioned, the probability of your operation to fail is very low.

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