DHI Hair Transplant Turkey

DHI hair transplant (Direct Hair Implantation) specialists use a Choi pen to extract hair follicles and implant them in the bald spot without cutting into the scalp. Hair follicle transplanting is performed after being collected to shorten the time needed for a hair transplant, increase hair quality, and give the patient a more comfortable operation. The slender and pointed tip of the Choi pen is designed to penetrate the hair root into the scalp thoroughly. 


Choi pen works like a needle. Therefore, the DHI method hair transplant is addressed as the Choi technique. Turkey has become a hotbed of innovation for hair restoration treatments and is most famous for the best DHI hair transplant in Turkey. DHI hair transplant in Turkey has become a global phenomenon with realistic results. 

DHI Hair Transplant Method Procedure

DHI hair transplant procedure is a refinement of the popular FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. Here’s how it goes:

The surgeon begins to the operation by removing individual, strong hair follicles from the scalp, where the hair is stronger. They use Choi pen to take the hair follicle and put it directly to the target area. With that procedure, there won’t be individual holes and recovery will be easy. 

DHI Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

DHI hair transplant in Turkey is relatively affordable compared to the other countries. Generally, the DHI hair transplant cost is anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000. While package deals matter, the DHI hair transplant cost depends on the number of grafts you need, the location, and the specific clinic you choose.

DHI Hair Transplant Results Month By Month

Don’t expect an overnight miracle because your new hair will take time to grow. The process of the effects of the DHI hair transplant results month by month is explained in the next paragraph

In the first months of the procedure you might experience shedding. However, it is quite normal because it shows that the procedure is successful and the new follicles will grow. Around the 4-6 months, you’ll see new hairs growing. By 6-12 month period, your hair density will increase and your look will have a shape. After a year, the complete DHI hair transplant results will be clear, and you can show off your new, thicker hair.

DHI Hair Transplant After Care

For having a successful DHI hair transplant Turkey is all about the process after the procedure. Here are the things that you should be careful about: 


  • • Protecting Your Scalp:Don’t be exposed to sunlight directly and wear a hat-not too tight- to protect your sensitive scalp.
  • • Keep Cleaning Gentle: Use your doctor’s prescribed shampoo, and be gentle around the transplant areas.
  • • Avoid Strain: Take it easy for the first few weeks; no heavy lifting or intense workouts.

DHI Hair Transplant Vs FUE

DHI hair transplant vs FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) will state the differences between these hair transplant methods. Here is a quick comparison:


  • • While DHI hair transplant is recommended for patients dealing with light to medium hair loss, FUE works well for patients with a significant amount of hair loss or big baldness areas. 
  • • For the DHI hair transplant, doctors use an implanter. However, the needle-nose pliers or forceps are usually preferred for FUE.
  • • While FUE causes scarring where hair follicles are plucked, DHI hair transplant results have less noticeable scarring than FUE.
  • • DHI is faster since the implantation comes with follicle extraction. The FUE procedure takes a little longer. 
  • • Due to different factors like implantation devices and a well experienced doctor DHI hair transplant Istanbul would cost more compared to FUE


Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant

The advantages of DHI hair transplant include:


  1. Natural Results: The DHI hair transplant procedure ensures that the implantation of hair roots are done more regularly. In this way, the DHI hair transplant results will be in a more natural appearance with better control over hair angle and direction, giving a more realistic hairline.
  2. Minimal Damage: The affected areas suffer minimal negative impact after a DHI hair transplant. Since the treatment does not involve cutting into any tissue, bleeding is minimal. 
  3. Quick healing: The DHI hair transplant recovery timeline is short. The existing hair is not affected during the procedure.
  4. Minimal Hair Root Loss: Shaving the existing hair in a DHI hair transplant procedure is unnecessary in the DHI technique. 
  5. No Scarring: No scar is left after the DHI method hair transplant.


Is DHI Hair Transplant Permanent?

Yes, the transplanted hair is generally permanent. The new follicles take root and start growing like your natural hair. Remember that it won’t stop future hair loss from underlying causes.


Is DHI Hair Transplant Painful?

You might initially feel a slight pinch, but most people find the best DHI hair transplant in Turkey tolerable due to the local anesthetic used.


How Long Does DHI Hair Transplant Last?

The transplant itself is a one-time procedure. The transplanted hairs should grow normally like natural hair for life.


Does Hair Grow Back After DHI?

Yes, the whole point of a DHI hair transplant is to stimulate permanent hair growth in balding areas.


Does DHI Leave Scars?

DHI gives minimal scarring. The Choi pen makes very tiny incisions compared to other methods.


Does DHI Look Natural?

The precise placement of the follicle with DHI is a great way to achieve natural-looking and thicker hair at the hairline. You can read DHI hair transplant reviews from other patients to have confidence in your outcome.

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