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Breast implant surgery adds implants under breast tissue or muscles to increase size or restore volume. It’s famous for improving the appearance or restoring lost volume from pregnancy or aging. Turkey is a leading destination for affordable cosmetic procedures like this, offering various options at lower prices.

Breast Implant Procedure

It includes:

  1. Consult the surgeon for goals and options.
  2. Complete exams, tests, and instructions.
  3. Surgery under general anesthesia.
  4. The surgeon incises and selects the implant.
  5. Insert implants into the pocket.
  6. Apply sutures or adhesives.
  7. Monitor and manage discomfort.
  8. Attend healing appointments.

Breast Implants Types

There are two primary breast implants types:

  1. Saline implants: They are filled with salt water and can be adjusted during surgery. Saline implants are cheaper than silicone; if they break, the body harmlessly absorbs saltwater. On the other hand, some individuals find them less organic. 
  1. Silicone implants: Silicone breast prosthesis mimic natural breast tissue, come in different sizes and shapes, and feel more natural. If they rupture, MRI scans are needed to monitor for any leaks.

Breast Implant With Fat Transfer

Composite breast augmentation or breast implant with fat transfer mixes implants with the patient’s fat to enhance breast size and shape. Fat is removed from areas like the belly or thighs through liposuction, purified, and injected into the breasts with implants for the desired look. 

Breast Prosthesis For Mastectomy

Breast prosthesis for mastectomy are artificial breasts worn after mastectomy breast prosthesis, made of silicone gel or foam. They resemble natural breasts and can be worn with a special bra or adhesive, restoring natural shape and boosting confidence.


Permanent Breast Prosthesis

Permanent breast prosthesis, typically silicone gel or saline, are used for enlargement. They’re placed under chest muscle or breast tissue but need occasional checks for issues like breaking or scar tissue formation.

Breast Implant Cost Turkey

Turkey is known for medical tourism, providing cosmetic surgeries like breast augmentation with implants. Costs depend on implant type, surgeon’s credentials, and location. Surgery costs $2,000 to USD 5,000, covering fees and post-op care.


Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Reduction

Breast implants usually last 10-15 years, but it varies based on your body and lifestyle. They might need replacing sooner if there are problems or changes in their feelings. See your doctor regularly for check-ups.
Breast implants need replacing over time. Saline ones last 10-15 years before deflating and changing shape. Silicone implants last longer but can rupture or cause issues. If you feel pain or notice changes, see a doctor immediately.
It includes:

• Risk of infection
• Scar tissue formation
• Implant rupture or leakage
• Changes in sensation
• Implant displacement
• Breastfeeding challenges
• Need for additional surgeries
• Risk of ALCL from textured implants
Yes, you can wear breast prostheses with any bra. Some bras have pockets to hold them securely, but you can also wear them in a regular bra. Just ensure the bra gives enough support and coverage for comfort all day.

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