Breast Enlargement Turkey

While the plastic surgery sector has advanced and flourished significantly in the last few decades, the breast enlargement procedure is the most in-demand surgery of all.

Many women get this surgery because they feel insecure about their breast size, whether that is because they are too small or not proportionate.

Ultimately, for many, a breast enlargement operation is a way to rebuild their confidence and enhance their self-image. Are you also interested in this procedure? Stick around as we dive deeper into all the details of breast enlargement.

Breast Augmentation (Enlargement) Surgery Procedure

The breast enlargement operation usually involves the insertion of silicone implants. The main purpose of these implants is to make the breasts appear bigger, rounder and have a more perfect look.

This process is also known as breast augmentation. On its own, this surgery can last between 60 and 120 minutes. If added to another procedure, it may take longer.

Types Of Breast Enlargement Operation

There are two types of breast enlargement procedures you need to know about:

Breast Implants

As we mentioned before, this method requires the placement of implants. In this method, the surgeon makes an incision, inserts the implants, which are either saline or silicone, underneath the breast tissue, and then stitches it. 

The implants surgeons use for this have been approved and are fully safe to use.

Fat Transfer

The surgeon uses liposuction to collect fat from parts of the body like the belly or thighs, etc, and injects it to make the breasts look bigger.

Each one of these types boasts various options. Thorough research and consultation with board-certified surgeons are required for patients to choose the best option.

Breast Enlargement Non-surgical

Breast enlargement by the fat transfer method is a great non-surgical procedure for those who don’t want to go under the knife and are not looking for a drastic increase in breast size. Apart from this, the breast enlargement injection is another type. In this method, synthetic fillers that are dissolvable over time are injected. Once injected into the breast tissue, they result in adding more volume. 


Breast Augmentation After Care

For breast augmentation aftercare, you need to adhere to your surgeon’s instructions to heal properly. You need a few days of rest to heal faster. After a good rest, you can return to your daily routines. Even then, you need to avoid any extreme activity.

Moreover, sleeping on your back for some time is essential to not disturb your implants.

Corset-shaped bras may also be recommended for patients to use for better compression and support. Additionally, avoid extreme sports for at least a month to prevent injuries.

Breast Enlargement Turkey Cost

The cost of breast enlargement in Turkey can differ according to different factors. Whether you and your surgeon decide to go with implants or breast augmentation via fat transfer after your consultation and examination will affect the final cost.

Other factors that can affect the price include the material and size of the implants, the patient’s unique body measurements, the surgeon’s techniques, etc.

If you want to get an accurate idea of the price of breast augmentation in Istanbul, you can reach out to our team.

Breast Augmentation With Fat Transfer

As we mentioned above, the fat transfer method is entirely non-surgical. It works best for those patients who want to get rid of fat from certain parts of their body while also wanting to increase the size of their breasts.

This method will give different results for every patient, and its longevity varies from person to person.

Frequently Asked Questions About Breast Enlargement Surgery

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For the most part, implants such as saline and silicone implants are safe. What is essential is that you opt for a highly experienced and specialized surgeon to eliminate any risks.
Even though this procedure is performed commonly these days, the majority of people don’t experience any risks.

These procedures have gone through advancements and aren’t as dangerous as they once used to be. Most people heal just fine. However, some of the rare complications to know about include shifting of the implants, implant rupture, negative effects on the milk ducts, etc.
It is crucial to discuss all the risks at length with your doctor before the procedure.
This procedure is carried out under general anesthesia, which is why patients will not feel any pain during the operation. However, you might experience some pain or discomfort after the operation. There will be some slight aches and sensitivity as well.

The best thing to do is to follow the doctor’s instructions and use the medication prescribed.
Yes, breast enlargement is very possible without surgery for those seeking non-invasive techniques to improve or increase their breast size. Patients can achieve an enhanced breast size via fat transfer.

Breast enlargement without surgery in Turkey has a much quicker recovery time. Once the fat is collected from different parts of the body with excess fat, this fat is then prepared to be injected into the breasts after being purified of dead cells. As the fat is collected from the patient’s body, it is fully safe to be added back into the body.
You shouldn’t wash your hair immediately after the procedure. It is ideal not to wash your hair for three days. Even then, you have to make sure you are gentle and don’t make any extreme arm movements.
Approved, reliable and approved silicones for use in aesthetic operations are not thought to be harmful. As a result of research on silicone prostheses, it has been observed that there is no increase in health-related risks due to silicone.

Although these prostheses are thought to increase the risk of cancer, research has not found any evidence of a higher incidence of breast cancer in women with silicone prostheses in their breasts. There is no substance in the breast milk of women with silicone prostheses that could be harmful to the baby.
If surgical methods are chosen among breast enlargement and lift operations, incisions are made and the incisions are usually closed with aesthetic stitches. At this point, fewer cuts will result in fewer stitches. In other words, the trace changes depending on the size of the transactions. Usually, silicone-containing bandages are applied after the operation. These bandages are often placed right over the incisions. As the wounds heal, they become crusty and red around the area. Over time, the color of this scar first turns pink and then turns white. At this point, the care and creams to be applied are also very important.

Breast augmentation surgery takes between 60 and 120 minutes if a combined operation is not performed. If a combined operation is to be performed, information about how long it will take to complete the operation is given in the planning of the process.

One of the most important questions in mind before breast augmentation surgery may be breastfeeding for those who dream of having children. Having breast implants does not prevent breastfeeding. If pregnancy occurs after the aesthetic procedure, silicone does not create an obstacle to milk formation. The absence of any intervention in the milk-secreting glands is effective in this.

Breast augmentation surgery has a high success rate if it is planned correctly and applied with reliable implants. However, it should not be forgotten that this operation may have risks and complications, like all surgical operations. Although the implants used in operations do not have a lifetime guarantee, it is possible to talk about their long-term use and even lifelong use, thanks to new technologies. The permanence of the results of the operations varies depending on many factors.

The type of implant is very decisive in this process. Although a warranty of 10 to 20 years is generally given for silicone prostheses, there is no need to replace them if there are no problems. If there is no leakage in the prosthesis and no impact-related problems occur, silicones can be used for a lifetime. Otherwise, silicones must be removed and replaced.
It is recommended that smokers quit smoking before breast augmentation surgery. It is recommended to quit smoking at least two weeks in advance. It is also very important not to drink alcohol before the operation. During the preparation process before the surgery, the person should inform his doctor about any medications he uses regularly.

Blood thinners such as aspirin should not be used before the operation. Supplementary foods, herbal teas and vitamins should be stopped before the operation as they may cause negative effects on anesthesia. Eating and drinking must be stopped completely 6-8 hours before the operation. If you have any flu, flu or cold complaints before breast augmentation surgery, you should definitely inform your doctor.

The best method for breast enlargement operations is the method chosen depending on the person's wishes and discussions with his doctor. The surgical technique may differ depending on different factors such as the different physical structure of each person, changing expectations after the operation, determining the location of the incision and preserving the breastfeeding feature with the implant to be used. Therefore, it is possible to say that the best breast enlargement technique is the method determined by the individual.

For breast enlargement surgery, the person must first have completed his/her body development. Since breast enlargement operations are not a health necessity, it is recommended to wait until the age of 18 for this operation. Although FDA approval for saline implants used in these operations is given as 18 years of age, the age limit for silicone implants is 22 years
Breast augmentation is an operation that must be performed under general anesthesia and therefore must be performed in an operating room environment.
The techniques and materials used in aesthetic operations are constantly improving so that people feel more comfortable after the operation and their recovery process is easier. If self-dissolving stitches are used in breast augmentation surgery, there is no need to remove stitches. Even if a different stitch is used according to the planning of the operation, it must be removed within a week under the supervision of a doctor.
There will be a significant change in appearance after breast augmentation surgery. Since there will be no noticeable scars and the incisions are hidden as much as possible, surgery scars are not expected to be visible even in women who wear bikinis. For this reason, there is no awareness of the operation scar.

The change in the person's body will be noticeable. However, the possibility that this change may be due to clothes, weight, sports or underwear used always remains a question mark for people who cannot see any traces of surgery.
Approved medical silicones used for breast augmentation aesthetics, which have passed the necessary examination processes, are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. It should not be forgotten that silicones used in aesthetics are also used in treatments applied in different areas. These silicones are also used in the production of heart valves or prostheses. However, the risk of allergy is never 0, so it is recommended that people with allergies have a test before the operation.
Although the claims that the prostheses used in breast augmentation surgery cause breast cancer are quite common, it is possible to say that there are no definitive studies regarding these claims. Research has shown that textured, rough type silicones increase the risk of BIA-ALCL. It is known that this type of cancer, known as breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, is not breast cancer but non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

According to research, it is known that the number of cases of this disease is very low and there is not enough widespread data to examine the factors that increase the risk factors. Although the risk of developing BIA-ALCL is low, it is important to monitor erections that occur near the implants.
In order for the recovery process to be comfortable and fast after breast augmentation surgery, all recommendations given by the doctor must be strictly followed. A 2 to 4-day rest will be sufficient to return to normal life. If you work at a desk job or do not require heavy arm movements, it is appropriate to return to work on the 3rd or 4th day after the operation. Absolutely no strenuous movements should be made with the arms. You should wait until the drains are removed and the stitches are removed before taking a bath.

It would be better if the doctor does not determine the time to take a bath based on the type of stitches, bandages or drains used. It is important not to do sports for the first two weeks after the operation. It is appropriate to start light sports after 2 weeks. It is necessary to wait at least 1 month before starting heavy sports such as tennis, where the arms are used intensively, and activities where it is easy to get hit.
Drop silicone is also called anatomical silicone. These pre-shaped silicones are thought to have a more natural appearance. These implants would be a better choice for women who do not want a fuller appearance in the upper part of their breasts. Drop-shaped silicones maintain their shape when stretching, bending or extending in one direction.
The most appropriate sleeping position after breast augmentation surgery is on your back as it allows the chest area to be free. In addition, to support the healing process, a sleeping position in which the upper body is slightly higher and blood flow is more comfortable may be preferred for the first few days.

After lying on your back for a few days, the person will return to the correct sleeping position for himself due to his habits. If there is no pain or soreness in the area where the operation was performed after waking up from sleep, it can be understood that there is no problem. There is a misconception that the sleeping position after plastic surgery will affect the shape of the breasts. It should not be forgotten that sleeping position has nothing to do with breast shaping.
Nipple aesthetics is a different operation than breast augmentation surgery. This operation may be preferred to correct nipple deformities. This operation, also known as areola aesthetics, normalizes the large, long nipple; It can be done for different purposes, such as reducing many nipples to one, or removing the nipple that is positioned inside. Changing the location of the nipple is done within the scope of the nipple lift operation and if necessary.
It is recommended to use corset-shaped bras to effectively shape the area after breast augmentation surgery. The usage period of these bras varies between 10 and 30 days. The use of this corset should be planned with the recommendation of a doctor. It is generally recommended to wear it for 24 hours for a certain period of time and then only during daylight hours.
After breast augmentation surgery, the corset bra recommended by the surgeon must be used regularly for a certain period of time. It is appropriate to switch to normal bra use after approximately 30 days of use. During the healing process, breathable, supportive models should be preferred instead of padded, underwired bra designs. After the use of the corset is completed, bras suitable for the new breast size can be used with the approval of the surgeon.
One of the most frequently asked questions about breast augmentation surgery is how much the breast size can be increased. There are two different opinions on this subject. The first and most common opinion is to perform a realistic operation that is suitable for the person's body structure and wishes and will not endanger his health.

It is also recommended that people who have demands that are disproportionate to their body size first receive psychological support and prepare for the process. The second of these views is that the person can make decisions about his or her body and take responsibility for it. What is common and always recommended is to preserve the natural appearance and make plans that will suit the person's body.
It is possible to achieve a natural appearance after a correctly planned breast augmentation operation. Thanks to the silicones selected in accordance with the person's body structure, a natural and personalized appearance is achieved.
It is possible to reverse the procedure after breast augmentation surgery. During these operations, implants can be removed using different incisions, just like in breast augmentation surgery. It is generally preferred to remove the silicones with the same technique used to place them. After the operation, some sagging may be expected depending on the person's age, silicone size and skin structure. If the sagging is expected to be intense, a lift procedure that can be performed without the use of implants may be preferred.
Since general anesthesia is applied during breast augmentation surgery, no pain or suffering is felt. Pain is a condition that occurs in different amounts after each surgery. These pains can be kept under control with painkillers recommended by the doctor. Pain that may occur after surgery is also related to the way the surgery is performed. In cases where the implant is placed under the muscle, the pain may be slightly more than when the implant is placed above the muscle.
Since it is an operation performed under general anesthesia, there is no pain during breast enlargement. After the operation, a feeling of pain may occur, which may occur after every surgical intervention, and this pain can be relieved with painkillers recommended by the doctor.
One of the biggest prejudices about breast augmentation surgery is that it prevents breastfeeding and giving birth. However, this operation has nothing to do with either situation. Although this operation is not suitable for women who have just given birth or are breastfeeding, getting pregnant and breastfeeding after the operation does not pose a problem.
The most obvious advantage of breast augmentation with round-shaped silicone is that the risk of rotation of these implants is much less. Round implants are advantageous because the rotation problem that may occur in implants can jeopardize the shape and symmetry of the breast. Achieving perfect symmetry is much easier with such implants.

Round silicones provide a fuller appearance in terms of posture. Depending on the expectations from breast augmentation surgery, this can be considered an advantage. In addition, round silicones have a more natural appearance when the person is lying down, bending over or lying in one direction.
Which type of silicone to choose should actually be determined as a result of processes such as evaluating expectations and analyzing the person's body. In this way, a choice can be made that suits the person's body. Drop or anatomical silicone types are more suitable for petite women with less breast tissue. However, it should be noted that both types of implants will be customized to the individual. Therefore, the final decision should be made together with the specialist physician. Thus, maximum satisfaction can be achieved with the results of the operation.
It is normal to experience tension and itching in the area after breast augmentation surgery. If itching continues for a long time, a specialist should be consulted.
As with all aesthetic surgery applications, breast augmentation aesthetics should be performed by Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic surgery specialists.
For breast augmentation surgery, the person must first have completed their development and be of the appropriate age according to the type of implant to be used. Breast augmentation surgery is not performed on people who do not meet these conditions.

- Pregnant women

- Those who are breastfeeding or have just stopped breastfeeding

- Those who have ongoing cancer treatment

- Those who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and those who are continuing the treatment process

- Those with infectious diseases

- Those who have an abnormal mammogram

- People with unrealistic expectations are not suitable candidates for breast augmentation surgery.
Breast lift and breast enlargement operations can be performed together within the scope of combined aesthetic planning. When planning a breast lift operation, if the breasts sag too much and the breast tissue is not sufficient, it may be necessary to include implant application in the planning, that is, to perform breast augmentation aesthetics, in order to obtain a more upright appearance.

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