Beard Transplant Turkey

Beards are beautiful; they add character to your face. A scanty beard can affect your confidence but there is an incredible solution. Beard transplantation! This popular treatment can wonderfully fix the problem of thin or patchy beards. To have a fuller look, doctors transplant hair follicles from one side of your body to your beard. With the help of effective and practical techniques involved, you get natural-looking results that you can’t help showing off.

Beard Transplant Turkey Packages

Beard transplant costs and packages in Turkey vary according to many factors; one of which is the technique employed in the procedure. The top two techniques used in beard transplant are Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). They require a certain level of expertise, time and resources. Another thing that’s taken into consideration while estimating beard hair transplant cost is the amount of transplantation needed. In case of more extensive coverage, more grafts will be required and the price will go up. And of course, the kind of clinic, the surgeon and amenities included in the package also add to the overall payment.

Beard Transplant Recovery Time

The recovery period post-beard hair transplant is very crucial and varies among individuals. One can return to regular activities within days with proper care and adhering to the instructions from your specialist. You can initially expect some swelling, redness or discomfort as a part of the healing process but that gradually subsides. It’s suggested to avoid excessive exertion, exposure to sun exposure and smoking to prevent any complications in the recovery phase. Be very gentle with washing and don’t touch or scratch the treated area to get the best results.


Beard Transplant Before And After

For a successful beard transplantation, patients must pay attention to some crucial factors before and after the procedure such as not using specific products before the operation after the procedure.

The first shave: You have to be very careful here. Do consult your doctor on when you can do that first shave. For some days, don’t wash the treated area or put any cosmetic products on it. Since the skin remains sensitive even after the recovery, be very cautious of shaving.

Post-op care: For effortless healing, take proper care and maintain the treated area by using only medications and creams that your doctor recommends to support new hair follicles and prevent bacterial growth. It’s ok to get redness and crusting because it subsides within a few days.

Beard Transplant Vs Beard Implant

While both the terms sound similar, the difference is in the technique. Beard transplantation involves extracting real hair follicles from a part of the body and planting them in the beard area but in beard implants, synthetic or natural hairs are used to fill in the beard. This is why transplantation looks more natural. 

Beard Transplant Cost Turkey

What is the beard transplant cost in Turkey- it’s always a matter of great curiosity but no fixed estimate can be provided as it varies according to several factors like the clinic, its location, the technique used in your case and how much beard area is covered. For more details and an accurate estimate, consult with a specialist.



How Long Does Beard Transplant Last?

The results of beard transplant procedures in Turkey are great. They are permanent as the transplanted follicles placed in the beard will grow all the time. It is a one-time procedure.




What Is The Success Rate Of Beard Transplant?

The success rate of beard transplants in Istanbul, Turkey is impressively high because the procedures are performed by an expert and seasoned doctor.



What Is The Best Age For Beard Transplant?

It’s best to consult the right age for a beard hair transplant with a specialist. Generally, it is different for every individual and case and depends on various factors.



Frequently Asked Questions About Beard Transplantation

In Turkey, beard transplant treatment is performed under local anesthesia, so you don't feel any pain while it is happening but there may be some mild pain while it's healing.
No, you don't have to go clean-shaved for the procedure and rather your specialist will trim the donor area and the recipient area for the beard transplant procedure.
The number of grafts needed for the procedure depends on the desired density and the size of the beard area to be covered and only your specialist can tell you about the number of required. Now this number would also affect the beard transplant price.
It is not possible to eliminate burn scars, but they can be camouflaged with beard transplantation.
The duration of beard transplantation varies depending on the width of the area to be transplanted. An average beard transplant takes approximately 5 hours.

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