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When it comes to aesthetic surgeries, it is important for patients to gain confidence and have a beautiful look that is in line with their desires and wishes. Almond eyes surgeries can be counted as one of these operations. Almond eye aesthetics can be achieved through both surgical and non-surgical methods that are tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Almond eye shape is distinguished by a lower eyelid that is slightly at the outer corner or lower edge of the canthus and iris. With this aesthetic surgery, you would have the dream eyes you wanted in the hands of the most professional surgeons who are experts in their fields.


Almond Eye Surgery Procedure in Turkey

Almond eye shape surgery is a practical procedure that typically lasts around an hour. After the consultations with the surgeon, depending on the patient’s preference, either local or general anaesthesia can be used. The external corner of the eyelid is cut during the surgery. Later, the tendon is pulled to its new position using a special thread, providing support to the eyelid, and it is secured in place using stitches. Choosing a skilled and experienced surgeon specialising in eyelid surgery is crucial to achieving safe and satisfactory results. Thus, almond eye surgery Turkey options are better for the patients to have a successful operation.


Almond Eye Surgery Turkey Cost

The almond eye surgery price is also affected by factors like any other surgery, such as a patient’s medical condition, the afterlook they desire, or the surgeon’s experience. Some of the other factors that can affect the price are how complex the surgery is, the facility fees, and most importantly the geographic location where you decided to have the surgery. The almond eye surgery cost in Turkey combines excellent service with fair costs. With surgeons who are experts in their respective fields, your experience in Turkey and especially in Estecenter is guaranteed to offer comfort and contentment.


Almond Eye Surgery Recovery

Like every surgery, after undergoing almond eye surgery, it is common for patients to experience pain, bruising, and swelling. However, these symptoms should go away in a week. Again, if at all possible, the patient should keep their head up throughout the almond eye surgery recovery period following almond eye surgery. To ensure proper recovery, patients must stay away from contacting the affected region or applying makeup for at least a week. As long as you follow the instructions given by your doctor and keep the area clean, you will have a smooth recovery without any problems.


Almond Eye Aesthetics for Male

The almond eye aesthetics are not gender specific. In addition to this, male almond eye surgery is a very in-demand surgery type. The surgical techniques used for this surgery can be adapted to suit the patient’s facial figures and desired outcome, regardless of gender. Almond eye surgery male candidates should consult with their surgeon to achieve successful results. 


Almond Eye Before and After

The care of the eye area before and after the surgery is the most important thing about which patients must be careful. Before the surgery, it is crucial to understand the risks properly and follow the doctor’s instructions. After the surgery, it is normal to feel some discomfort. However, with attention and following the instructions during the healing process, your eye will recover without any complications. The most important thing in almond eye surgery before and after is to be aware of all the benefits and risks. This way, the result will be more in line with what you dreamed of. 


Is Almond Eye Surgery Permanent?

The answer to this question may vary depending on the technique used. In addition to that, the effect and permanence of the operation could also be affected by aging process and the skin type the patient has. However, if the rope suspension method is used, the results are generally permanent. Still, the duration of permanence may vary between one and three years. The elasticity of the skin is another potential factor that can affect the longevity of rope suspension. If needed, the rope suspension application may be reapplied.

Frequently Asked Questions About Almond Eye

When you think about almond eyes vs round eyes, and your choice is the almond shape, then the almond eyes operation is just for you.
With its budget-friendly options and best surgeons, Turkey is a country that is becoming famous for all kinds of aesthetic operations. Almond eye operations are also very in demand and popular in Turkey.
Right after the surgery, there may be some changes in vision. However, these changes are expected to be temporary issues, since there is no contact with the eye in this operation. If you have any abnormal issues, especially after the healing time has passed, it is recommended to visit your surgeon about it.
One of the factors that play a role in permanence is the elasticity of the patient's skin. If the person feels the need, the rope suspension application may be renewed.
If you do enough research, find a good surgeon, and follow the instructions to not irritate the area surgery will be done, there will be no side effects, and you will have a very easy post-surgery time.
Since the surgery is done under anaesthesia, it is unlikely for the patient to feel pain. There must be some discomfort right after the surgery, but it is avoidable by using painkillers.
It is not possible to define the most appropriate age for almond eye aesthetics. Almond eye surgery, whose aim is to improve the shape of the eyelids, change the structure of the eye and leave a younger, more refreshed appearance, can be performed on people over the age of 18.
Almond eye surgery can be performed on anyone who meets the necessary conditions for this operation, regardless of gender.
If you notice visible wrinkles when you look at your eyelids and if the iris of your eye touches the whiteness both at the bottom and top, you have almond-shaped eyes. Additionally, almond-shaped eyes turn slightly upward at the outer corners. If you have almond eyes, it is very likely that you are also receiving compliments that say you have an exotic appeal.
Although local anesthesia is generally preferred in almond eye surgery, it is also possible to perform it under general anesthesia or sedation with local anesthesia.
Almond eye aesthetic surgery is determined by taking into account some factors, especially the technique and anesthesia method to be applied. Therefore, it is possible to get the most accurate information after a doctor's examination.
After cantoplasty surgery, patients can usually return to their normal lives on the same day. However, during this process, the area must be kept sterile, protected from sunlight, and in general, the recommendations of the surgeons or specialists performing the procedure must be followed.
Some patients may experience changes in their vision after surgery. Under normal circumstances, this is a temporary situation. Because there is no contact with the eye in almond eye surgery.
Cantoplasty can be combined with other eyelid and periocular surgeries such as blepharoplasty, ptosis surgery, brow lift and midface lift when deemed necessary.
The golden ratio (1.618) represents the mathematical proportions that the human eye finds most pleasing. This ratio, which is not produced by humans and is found spontaneously in nature, art, architecture and even the human body, shows itself everywhere, from the number of petals on flowers to the concentric rings of a seashell. In a way, the golden ratio describes the beauty of the world and how we perceive it visually.

If you proportion the forehead width to the face length of any name that has been admired by everyone throughout history and is considered a beauty icon, the probability of finding a value close to 1.618 is much higher than you think.

Want to estimate the ratio of the distance between the pupil and the center of the chin to the distance from the pupil to the tip of the nose? All these measurements are actually natural evidence that our eyes find some facial sizes more attractive than others.

Of course, this does not mean that a face that does not have ideal proportions cannot be considered attractive or beautiful. However, it is accepted as an undeniable fact that our eyes generally prefer symmetry and balance.

Thanks to plastic surgeons, it is now much easier to see how bringing the basic features of the face into optimum balance can increase the perceived attractiveness and overall harmony of the face. The golden ratio can be checked by dividing the size of the eye by its width and height.

The ideal width of the eyes is 30 mm. It is considered ideal if the width of the eyes, the space between them and the length of the end lobules are equal. Beautiful eyes have pupils whose upper part is slightly covered by the eyelid. And the remaining about 8-10 mm should be visible. In addition, the outer corners of the eyes, the outer part of the eyebrow and the end lobule should be in a straight line.
The answer to this question may be yes or no, depending on the technique preferred for almond eye aesthetics. If surgical incisions need to be made for almond eye aesthetics, it can be stated that this operation is of surgical nature. However, if almond eye aesthetics are performed only with special threads that have the ability to stretch the subcutaneous tissues, then non-surgical almond eye aesthetics are possible.

When almond eye aesthetics are performed surgically, this procedure is considered a very simple surgery. Nowadays, almond eye aesthetics can be performed only with suspension. Since no incision is made on the skin during almond eye aesthetics with a sling, this application is not considered in the surgical class.
Compared to the lower eye structure and the tired expression it brings before almond eye surgery, the change and beauty in the face after almond eye surgery will definitely be noticeable. However, it is very difficult to understand that this is due to surgery.
Once the healing process after almond eye surgery is completed and the eye structure settles, a natural appearance is achieved. It is accepted as an expected and targeted result that the person experiences changes such as revitalization in eye shape and gaze.

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