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Liposuction surgery is a plastic surgery procedure performed to remove excess fatty tissue in certain parts of the body. This procedure is often used to reduce fat deposits in areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, arms, back, chin and neck. This process is not a method that can be used to lose weight. Liposuction is used only for the removal of localized fat deposits and is not recommended as a general weight loss method.

Liposuction surgery can be an effective option for the right candidates. However, like any surgery, it has risks and complications. It is not possible to apply for everyone. You can visit the clinic to get information about the liposuction procedure.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is the surgical removal of excess fat from the body. The surgeon performing the procedure usually makes a small incision, inserts a thin cannula (tube) and uses vacuum power to pull out the fatty tissue. The procedure is usually performed under local anesthesia and patients can return home the same day. However, if a larger procedure is to be performed, patients may need to stay in hospital.
Liposuction is used only to reduce regional fat deposits. People generally prefer belly fat removal at this point. It is not recommended as a general weight loss method. Additionally, the results of this procedure are not permanent and the person may experience fat deposits again unless they maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Fat Removal Methods

There are several different methods for liposuction. Techniques may differ for each of the arm, leg, hip and facial fat removal procedures. Fat removal can be applied using methods such as traditional, ultrasonic, laser and VASER.
In the traditional Liposuction method, a small incision is made to insert the thin cannula that the surgeon will use into the fat tissue in the body. The cannula then draws out the fat with the help of a vacuum. This method is usually performed under local anesthesia.
In Ultrasonic Liposuction, the surgeon uses an ultrasonic device to pre-process the body’s fat tissue to break up the fat cells and make them easier to remove. When performing
Laser Assisted fat removal , the surgeon uses a laser device to melt the fat cells and then remove them. Laser Assisted Liposuction is considered a less invasive option to reduce fatty tissue.
Another method is the VASER Liposuction method. In this method, the surgeon uses an ultrasonic device to emit sound waves into the body’s fat tissue to break up fat cells. This method can target fatty tissue more precisely and reduce the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.
All these methods use different technologies to facilitate the removal of fat cells. Which method to use is determined depending on the person’s skin thickness, fat distribution and other factors. A plastic surgeon can provide consultation to determine the best method of liposuction to suit a person’s needs and goals. You can contact us for the method that is suitable for you and the prices of belly fat removal.


Liposuction without surgery

Non-surgical liposuction is a non-invasive method and does not require surgical incisions or anesthesia like traditional liposuction. This method works by destroying or suctioning fat cells using ultrasonic or radio frequency technologies.
Non-surgical liposuction is performed using ultrasonic liposuction. Inner thigh fat removal may be preferred. Using an ultrasonic device is used to break up fat cells and release the fat for subsequent absorption by the body.
The procedure does not require any cutting or stitching and there is no risk of anesthesia. Therefore, recovery time is shorter and patients can usually return home the same day.
Non-surgical liposuction may not be as effective as traditional liposuction and usually requires more sessions. Additionally, the person should maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine after non-surgical liposuction, as the results can only be made permanent with lifestyle changes.

How is Fat Removal Surgery Performed?

Liposuction surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia and performed by a plastic surgeon. During the procedure, a thin cannula is used that is inserted through small incisions. Oils are absorbed with the help of vacuum.
Before the surgery, the surgeon takes the person’s body measurements and marks the areas to be removed. During the surgery, the type and method of anesthesia the surgeon will use is determined by the area where the procedure will be performed and the person’s preferences.
Before the start of the surgery, necessary preparations are made to ensure a sterile environment. This procedure is performed using a sterile environment and sterile surgical instruments.
During surgery, the surgeon inserts the cannula into the fatty tissue in the body to suck out the fat cells. The cannula is connected to a vacuum device to suck out the fat. The surgeon completes the procedure by carefully moving the cannula to break up and suck out the fat cells.
Upon completion of the surgery, the surgeon may use stitches to close the incisions and use a dressing or corset to wrap the surgical area. Liposuction surgery usually takes a few hours, and rest can be continued at home the same day.
Healing time may vary depending on the area where the procedure is performed. There may be swelling, bruising, and discomfort for several weeks after the procedure. People can usually return to normal activities within a few weeks. But the healing process can take about a few months. You can get information about recovery time and liposuction surgery prices.

Liposuction Prices

Fat removal liposuction prices may vary depending on many factors. Fat removal procedures in different body parts may have different prices. Hip, leg, belly and hip fat removal prices vary. An experienced surgeon’s fee may also be higher than a less experienced surgeon.
Fees for clinics or hospitals also vary. The longer the processing time, the higher the fee may be. The amount of fat in the area to be removed also affects the prices. Hip and leg liposuction prices also vary depending on the amount of fat. The more oil, the longer the process takes and the higher the fee can be.
In general, the cost of liposuction surgery may vary. Prices may vary depending on the factors mentioned above. You may want your surgeon to give you a cost estimate before the procedure.

For Which Parts of the Body Can Liposuction Be Done?

Liposuction can be used to reduce fat in different parts of the body. Abdomen, waist, hips, thighs and legs are among the most preferred areas for liposuction. Apart from these areas, arms, back and chin are also among the areas where fat removal is most commonly performed.
Abdominal fat removal is one of the most frequently preferred areas for liposuction. Another one is the hip area. Reducing fat in the hip area is a popular option for those who want to achieve a tighter and more shaped hip.
The procedure is also often preferred for fat in the waist area. The waist is one of the most important areas that determine a person’s body shape. Reducing fat in this area is important to obtain a more defined waist and a more attractive silhouette.
It is used for fat in the thighs, especially to reduce fat accumulated in the inner thigh or inter-thigh area. Arm liposuction is used to reduce the fat accumulated in the lower part of the arm.
It is also used for fat in the back area. It can make the back look more shaped and more attractive. Removing fat from the chin area makes the chin area tighter and more prominent.
These regions are the areas where the procedure is frequently used. Liposuction can also be used to reduce fat in other parts of the body. However, before the procedure, your surgeon will need to perform an evaluation to determine whether you are a suitable candidate.

Process Before and After Liposuction

The process before and after liposuction is very important. Proper preparation and proper care are required for the procedure to be successful and to prevent unwanted side effects.

Process Before Liposuctin:

These instructions may include topics such as eating and drinking times, clothing, and medication use before the procedure.

Process After Liposuctin:

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction Surgery

In cases where regional fat removal is required, vaser liposuction can be applied to all needed areas of the body, such as abdomen, hips, hips, face (jowl, cheeks), breasts, arms, ankles.
Since fat cells do not divide and multiply, no fat or sagging occurs again. You can have a fit appearance throughout your life with a healthy diet and regular exercise.
It varies between 1-4 hours on average, depending on the area to be treated and the amount of fat to be removed. It can also be performed together with other aesthetic operations such as breast reduction and tummy tuck.

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