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Hollywood Smile Aesthetics

Hollywood Smile is an aesthetic smile design that allows you to achieve the smile of the stars that appear on the big screen. Hollywood Smile or Hollywood Smile is a dental aesthetic that aims to make the harmony of lips, teeth and gums perfect. Thanks to aesthetic smile design, you can have the wonderful smile you have always dreamed of.

Hollywood smile aesthetics is an aesthetic application that ensures that the teeth are proportional to each other and to the face. Although it is known as a single aesthetic application, it includes a series of procedures performed to ensure that the teeth have a proportional appearance. To have an effective smile, different parameters are taken into consideration. Many different factors affect the aesthetics of the smile, such as the size of the teeth according to a certain ratio, the absence of a gap between the teeth, or the symmetry of the gums surrounding the teeth.


What is Hollywood Smile?

Hollywood smile is an aesthetic procedure that ensures that your dental structure is symmetrical with your face. With this aesthetic application, the condition of the patient’s lip and gum tissues is examined in detail and the factors that need to be changed for a more aesthetic appearance are determined. The shapes, sizes and positions of the teeth in the mouth are reduced to best suit the person’s face.

How is Hollywood Smile Aesthetics Done?

When performing a Hollywood smile design, first of all, unwanted problems such as decay or infection in the teeth are intervened. Detailed photographs are then taken and analyzed. The positions of the teeth in the mouth are examined and the smile design that best suits the person’s face is applied.


Hollywood Smile Stages

Hollywood smile includes the most suitable and aesthetic applications for the teeth. In the first stage, it is decided what changes should be made to bring the teeth to the most accurate size possible. Then, undesirable conditions such as caries are intervened. Then porcelain or filling processes begin. Many different types of coatings such as teeth whitening, zirconium coating, laminated porcelain coating are among the stages of Hollywood smile.


Hollywood Smile Prices

Hollywood smile aesthetics prices , which is a completely personalized aesthetic application, vary due to various factors. Many different factors, such as the procedures to be performed during the application, the patient’s health condition and dental structure, the patient’s wishes and needs, cause Hollywood smile price ranges to vary.

In order to get the most accurate information about Hollywood smile price, you need to be examined by a doctor who is an expert in his field. During the examination, the changes that need to be made to your teeth are determined and a certain price range is determined by listening to your wishes.

Hollywood Smile Before and After

There are factors to consider before and after the Hollywood smile . Staying away from harmful habits such as smoking and alcohol beforehand will make the healing process faster. This application includes many different procedures such as teeth whitening or zirconium coating. Therefore, the factors that need to be taken into consideration after the procedure vary depending on the person and the procedures performed.


How Many Sessions Does It Take to Complete a Hollywood Smile?

The answer to how many sessions the Hollywood smile application took is completely personal. However, if there is no contrary situation, the designs are generally completed within a two-week period and thus the application is completed.


Is the Hollywood Smile Permanent?

The procedures obtained with this aesthetic application called Hollywood smile are completely permanent. Changes made to the teeth cannot be undone. In some cases, the effect of teeth whitening applications may decrease over time.

What to Pay Attention to After Hollywood Smile?

Those who have a Hollywood smile are people who are not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of their teeth. To have a more aesthetic smile, non-abrasive and fluoride-containing toothpastes should be preferred after the application. Teeth should be brushed three times a day and the spaces between the teeth should be cleaned with dental floss. Thus, these applications performed to have a more aesthetic smile become permanent.

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