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Liposuction method is useful for those that cannot get rid of the fats in their body by means of diet and exercise. This operation may be performed using various techniques. However, laser liposuction is a technique that is easier and leaves less marks. Since the fat tissue suction performed subcutaneously is achieved through very tiny cannulas and very small incisions, the marks on the area will not be visible. Those people that cannot get rid of the excessive fat tissue in their body might safely undergo liposuction surgery. This method should never be considered as a way of weight loss.

This is aimed at correction of the body contour. The fat tissue that is high in volume and does not respond to diet and exercise positively is removed from the body, and number of fat cells in the area is decreased thanks to this surgery.

Will there be prominent marks after liposuction?

Today the cannulas used in liposuction are much thinner. Liposuction is performed using cannula with a diameter of 3-4-5 mm in most parts of the body. These cannulas are inserted under the skin through incision of 0.5 – 1.0 cm on invisible parts of the body. Only 1-2 sutures are required for such small incisions. After removal of the sutures, there will be unclear marks that are hard to see. These marks that won’t be seen without looking carefully are not eye-catching. Therefore, we can even claim that liposuction leaves no marks.

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