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Am I A Suitable Candidate for Liposuction?

If you want to do something for your beauty or health, and you will leave yourself in the hands of a surgeon, the most important question you need to ask yourself and your doctor must be “Am I a suitable candidate for the procedure I want to have?”. Even though health-related decisions are beyond our will, the decisions we make for our beauty belong completely to us. Therefore, you need to know yourself very well, have information about the procedure, and not be satisfied with second-hand information before getting the procedure done.

Your knowledge of whether you are ideal for the desired result and what you can expect, or whether your age and body type is suitable for the procedure will help you to prepare yourself beforehand. In this way you achieve the desired result without any disappointments.

If you are not overweight but weigh a little more than normal, complain about regional fats, and cannot get rid of them, Liposuction is the exact technology for you. Liposuction candidates should weigh a little more than normal, in other words they shouldn’t be too much over their ideal weight, and they might have much regional fat, or persistent fat that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise.

The First Requirement for Liposuction Is Being Healthy!

The most important point to consider in every step taken to become more beautiful or feel better is not risking one’s health. In such procedures, anesthesia is used, even though the risk is very low. Therefore, your first requirement to have Liposuction is your body’s preparedness for this procedure. If you have a medical condition that prevents your recovery after surgery or increases the risk of operation, Liposuction is not a suitable method for you.

Age Is Very Important In Liposuction

Even though there is no clearly defined age limit in Liposuction, it is not performed on patients that have not completed his/her development and those that are well over the middle age, have a deformed and loose skin structure. Even if it is performed, the results won’t be very satisfying.

Why Is Liposuction Not Preferred In Overweight Patients?

The surgeon performing Liposuction will act as a sculptor and reshape the extra parts in body structure. Since fat deposits are all around the body in overweight patients, Liposuction must be performed on all areas. This won’t be a preferable method both for the health and psychology of patient. Therefore, the patient undergoing Liposuction must be within 30% portion of his/her ideal weight. Liposuction is the most ideal method to reduce the fat deposits on certain areas only.

How Is Weight Limit Calculated for Liposuction?

The patients that want to undergo Liposuction mustn’t be overweight. So, what is the lowest limit for being overweight? Is your weight suitable for Liposuction? Let’s find the answers to these questions now.

A person that want to undergo Liposuction must know his/her body mass index. If the result of your body mass index calculation is over 30 to 32, then you are not quite suitable for Liposuction. You have to know your body mass index to consider Liposuction. And to learn your body mass index, the calculation is quite simple. Multiply your height with itself, and divide your weight by the result. For instance, body mass index of a person that is 1.74 tall is calculated as follows:

1- 1.74×1.74=3.02

2- 70/3.02=23.

If the result is over 25, you are in the fat category. You are overweight if the result is between 30 and 32. And Liposuction is not recommended for such patients. Liposuction responds to patients whose body mass index is below 30. The most ideal person, however, has a body mass index below 25, and regional fat deposits.

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