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The patient must stay at the hospital for 1 night after breast surgery. Following the doctor’s instructions and taking the prescribed medication will relax the patient.

Smoking is not recommended for a while after surgery just like the pre-operative period. It has been observed that wound healing is easier and shorter in non-smokers as compared to smokers.

There might a slight pain in the first few days following surgery. This pain can be eliminated with simple pain-killers to be advised by the doctor. The pain goes away on its own within a few days.

The patient can do her daily routines after surgery, but there are some moves that should be avoided. If it is hard to raise her arms, she mustn’t force herself to raise her arms for a while, and avoid lifting heavy objects.

Once the wounds begin to heal, creams and pomades that prevent scars can be used as advised by the doctor.

The patient can go completely back to her normal life after about 1 week depending on the type of surgery performed.

The patient must avoid driving and heavy exercises for a while.

Lying face down or on the sides might disturb the person. If the person is uncomfortable in such positions, she might need to lie on her back for a while.

It is recommended to use a special bra corset for faster recovery and forming of patient’s breasts or protection of breasts during the recovery period.

Some patients are advised to get special massage done a while after the surgery.

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