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What to Do After Beard Transplantation?

Beard transplantation is a savior operation for many men. It is a very easy procedure with no side effects, and provides successful results. The best method for getting natural results is the beard transplantation which is a life-long solution.

Beard transplantation is a short operation that lasts for about 2-3 hours. It might be performed by a team consisting of two people. A general scabbing might occur on the area of transplantation after procedure, which is a very natural condition. The transplantation area can be washed after 48 hours, and there is no extra medication to be used. Therefore, you may continue your cleaning routine. However, you should be careful about scabbing while shaving and act as instructed by your doctor.

The beard will shed within 1 week after transplantation and regrow after 4-6 months depending on the person. When the patient is not satisfied with the thickness of his beard, the operation can be re-performed 1 year later.

Is Beard Transplantation Risky?

Beard transplantation is a very easy and risk-free procedure. It is sure-fire and has no side effects. Therefore, anyone can have it done. It is preferred especially by beardless men.

Is Beard Transplantation Painful?

Beard transplantation is a very easy procedure. No pain is felt because the area of transplantation is locally anesthetized.

How Much Does Beard Transplantation Cost?

Bear transplantation is quite cost-effective, and the most suitable solution for a permanent procedure. Beard transplantation costs vary depending on the number of follicles. The procedure is priced by calculating the follicle numbers based on the unit price starting from 2 to 3 Lira.

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