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As each stage of hair transplantation operation, there should be specialist in examinations made before hair transplantation. According to the results of this examination, there will be a planning. The issues that should be controlled during examination are the structure and condition of hairs in the planted area and where hair follicles will be taken. In this issue, certain calculations are made by using digital devices called analysis device. In these calculations, the number of hair follicles and other areas calculations are available. The plan to be prepared at the end of the examination will be made according to these figures. During examination, as in other examinations made before medical operations, it is asked to the patient whether he has another disease and drugs are regularly used. If he has a disease and it is an obstacle to the hair transplantation operations, this condition is intended to be eliminated.

What are consulted in the examination before hair transplantation ?

Every feature related to hairs is in the information category in the examination. The necessary steps will be taken in the light of features such as the degree of hair loss, hair shape, feature of hair scalp, hair color, hair thickness, hair frequency. This information is important in terms of hair transplantation operation plan and absence of unplanned thing. If this information is taken into consideration, the result of the operation will make the patient happy.

Recently, there are many patient tourists that come to our contry for hair transplant operation. Because it is impossible in terms of logistics for these patient tourists to participate in this preliminary examination, the preparations of hair transplantation center team and their plannings should be made complete and perfect and the patient should deliver his picture to the center from all perspectives before the operation. After this process, the team makes necessary analysis on pictures and pass the preparatory phase. After this preparation phase, the necessary information is forwarded to the patient tourist and information about how the operation will be made is given.

At this point, the patient’s expectation is a factor that may influence patient’s satisfaction. Even though a frequency containing 25-30 roots in some examples gives the desired image, a frequency containing 40-60 roots occurred in other operations may not give the desired image. So, in summary, the above-mentioned hair characteristics are very important in how the point will appear. At this point, it will be the right action to manage the patient’s expectations in this way. Actually, the team and patient should have a common denominator for the operation to be completed successfully in the planning phase. Because unfounded promises will bring unwarranted expectations; so doctor and patient should do everything for a successful operation on the axis of realism.

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