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One of the operations that require experience and knowledge of hair transplantation operations. Because recycling and irreparable operations. These operations need to be very careful in the front hair line is the ratio of the frequency of naturalness and hair. Though every stage of hair transplantation surgery is important. But the frontal hairline is vital. To carry out this operation ingenuity and experience of experts plantation is very, very important. Just as an artist must be pre-minded and resourceful. Therefore we have taken the job training must be done by a plastic surgeon. As a result of the operation before the operation will take the form of hair are very important planning. Great care should be designed according to one’s own hair people tend to ignore proper social life, without consideration of many factors should be planned.

What are the factors to be considered before hair transplantation surgery?

  • The patient’s hair should be organized according to the age of the person.
  • Hair opening
  • The donor places the hair in the donor area in the number of
  • The patient’s head shape and size of the structure,
  • Hair transplantation in the minds of the individuals who designed hairstyle

It should be evaluated and consulted if the process of hair loss continued or stopped?

Only with the opening in the front area of hair in the frontal hairline 2 inches just behind the line we so often there is a field. Hair is quite common in this area. Here’s a 2 or 3 root root (grafts) are available. Immediately behind the frontal hairline and quite often during the first few centimeters and usually one, two containing hair roots (grafts) are used. First single hair roots should be planted.

How to create the frontal hairline?

To create the front hair line, there are many methods.

One of these that is the most preferred one is the determined one by measuring. Hair transplantation is an ideal can not be measured can not be created for a particular pattern are generated is not even successful. Because each person’s head skeleton of anatomically different, because you are creating variability in this respect is to use the most reliable method of measurement. The anatomical structure of each person is different from each other and due to the previously mentioned variables that can be applied to each individual measurement is not ideal. Therefore, each person taking their own specific criteria discussed in the framework of the ideal and natural methods should be implemented to provide the results of this specific planning should be done in person.

How to measure?

Starting the measurement field: start of each two eyebrows. At the beginning of our hair, skin head part towards the border with an area of ​​7 cm measured center line, is expected to be the beginning of the hairline. And in people who have a lot of hair shed in people of advanced age measurement is necessary to attract even higher. Current hair less than 7 cm As for those who are moving according to the earlier reference. Get the upper part of the structure of the marking head by observing light without too sharp a V or a little more like an oval frontal hairline is created. Temporal recess, so that the temporal region called the frontal hairline male pattern hair line hairline is the most ideal. At the age of puberty has completed the development problems of hair loss in men, this recess are all non. In women, the gap is not golf. continue straight frontal hairline. Women of oval and round it sometimes becomes flat again. Temple is not in recess.

How is hair in the temple?

Hair in the frontal hairline is proportional to each other, are not sequential is more complex and disproportionate. Mixed, but an image is formed regularly. In contrast to a normal picture drawn as a border or as a regular domino often lined front hair line does not stop at all pleasant. Unlike comprising protrusions and recesses, but less intense and slightly asymmetric comprised of single frontal hairline grefter better will stop. Although not totally natural appearance similar to natural is achieved. Hair planted in the front hair line indents and tabs to one’s own natural frontal hairline should be very similar and in the same direction. Individual cooperation received micro motor in the front area of the hair follicle results reveal that provides the most natural image.

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