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Hair transplantation with special techniques, called the donor site from the region, taking healthy hair follicles, the balding area is a procedure performed by transferring. In parallel with developments in this area, since 2006, started to be made with the FUE method of hair transplantation, this process faster and easier way has led to. Institutions that implement it in stages from the FUT technique, has become the FUE technique. In the FUE technique; donor site and called on both ears hair from the area between two ears hair roots, 0.7 and 0.8 mm in diameter with a cylindrical micro-ends are removed one by one. For removal of hair follicles, manual punch or a device called micro motor is carried out. Here hair removal units, the graft is called. One graft, 2-or 3-contains hair cells.

FUE hair transplant technique, is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. Before you start the application for local anesthesia, who was shot outside of a few needle pain patient does not feel any pain. Numbness develops quite rapidly. Applications made during the patient is conscious, you can monitor the process or you can chat with the doctor. The donor area of hair in areas where hair follicles taken and frequency of the patient’s needs, according to the 2000 to 75000 grafts in one session, ie, 5000 and 18,750 hairs can be transferred. Because of their high number of grafts and hair transplantation is to be done manually be divided into two days of the session. The patient’s hairline and according to the need, how much will be needed in graft doctor, the patient decides after doing hair analysis.

What is FUE technique?

FUE hair transplant technique performed by the so-called trackless Although, from the donor site in the region of 1 mm smaller than the point where the bald areas or white scars may occur. When the hair grow around these areas, these marks do not appear in any way.

FUE technique so, the process is considered non-streak. In this method the first time during the performance of manually punching in a day than there was a limited number of grafts will be taken. Hair transplantation is a large number of grafts needed, this case was to cause a longer duration. At the same time, was causing costs to rise. Then take the hair roots using micro motor starts to punch in a short time began to collect more grafts. This reduces costs and saves time as well have been a factor.

Punch by experts with micro-motor, at low speed, with fine tips, arise when the appropriate angle and depth, without creating donor site scar has started the process to completion. If unconscious micro-motor is used, operated at high speeds, thick punches are used, more injuries occur at the donor site and can occur where the big tracks. Therefore, this process must be done with qualified and experienced persons is essential.

What is FUT Technique?

Hair transplantation recently that the applicant is a method many people. Hair is the most important factor to complement visuals of people are losing hair because people feel bad about themselves and are experiencing psychological problems. Especially in periods of 30-40 years most of the men admitted to the method is a method of hair transplantation. Different to those balding hair with hair transplantation techniques are planted. One of these techniques is fut techniques (Follicular Unit Transfer).With this technique as soon as it is possible to perform hair transplantation. This application is being performed on behalf hair with hair roots strong and the hair on the nape section is used.

The hair in the nape section is removed as a strip. Extraction of scalp hair follicles to include a different number is divided into parts. Divided on the scalp, balding areas, which are placed on specific techniques. Before the direction of conveyance to do hair and hair line to be considered. Nape section of the hair taken of infection and prevent any infection should stitches behalf. To the suffering of people during the operation done under local anesthesia is sufficient. Fut technique (Follicular Unit Transfer), his hair very short hair cut in a short time, and the realization of the process is a technique suitable for people who want hair transplantation.

Differences between Fut and Fue Techniques

People on behalf of the preferred methods of hair transplantation Although structurally similar applications may be different. Examples of the difference between FUT and FUE; technical differences can be experienced during application. these are;

Fut technique; skin incision on the neck make the reception is carried out by removing strips. Get this strip without distinguishing quality or poor quality of the hair follicles were dissected, to the balding areas are planted.
FUE technique; The neck section of the hair follicles are selected and need not be disposed of and any incision.
Fut technique; taken as a whole, on behalf of the neck of the hair from the root to the surgery is needed.
FUE technique; that needed in the hair roots from being exposed to surgery instruments selected with 0.6 mm accepted.
Fut technique; Get your hair in the nape of the neck 20 cm scar may remain.
FUE technique; surgery scar does not occur because the operation is not passed.
Fut technique; heavy bleeding.
FUE technique; the process is completed within a relatively small amount of bleeding.
Fut technique with roots planted 60 cm in diameter.
FUE technique; 140-160 cm in diameter planted roots.
Fut technique; extraction of hairs made ​​from the neck portion, since the received approximately 80% of the hair takes place sown
FUE technique; Get quality in the purchase of the hair because the hair follicles taken as 100% of the hair is hair transplantation takes place.
Fut technique; On average 80 to 100 hair follicles planted in the interests of hair.
FUE technique; rate of 95 to 100 hair roots planted hair may occur.
Fut technique; radicals taken approximately 3-4 hours before plantation waits.
FUE technique; hair follicles are taken from the nape, without losing the natural structure will not be seeded.
Fut technique; people should rest about two weeks after hair transplantation.
FUE technique; people immediately after the operation can continue to work actively.
Fut technique; nape section is cut off and discarded because of local anesthesia, cut offs are experiencing numbness anywhere up to 6 months.
Fue any numbness in the art of anesthesia becauseof not happening.
Fut technique; in scalp pits occur markedly.
FUE technique; preserves the natural structure of the hair roots.
Fut technique; Even if the number of hair planted different pricing will be the same.
FUE technique; compensation is done by the hair follicles.
Fut technique; months after the second session after the first session can be
FUE technique; second session one week before finding can be made.
Fut technique; dressing after surgery should be carried out
In the FUE technique, surgical intervention because there is no reason to make the dressing.
Fut technique; idle for a certain period of cuts because people need to use pain killers.
FUE technique; In the absence of surgery and painful action was taken because there is no need to use pain relievers.
Fut technique; post-operative swelling of the eyes occurs.
FUE technique; does not occur any swelling in the face or eye.
Fut technique; after the operation, while the new problem of ingrown hair is experienced.
FUE technique; ingrown hair is not a problem or minimum level is seen.
Fut technique; surgical operations will be passed to the drugs because drugs.
FUE technique; During surgery, as there is a small amount of seed of administration of drug is sufficient.
Fut technique; people who will force the head of the sports activities are prohibited for a period of 2 weeks. ,
FUE technique; If you want people to play sports is the day after the operation.
Fut technique; 2000 roots can be planted about 6 hours
FUE technique; 300 roots planted within 1 hour.
Fut technique; The cutting of the hair is not required before the operation.
FUE technique; because it will be the individual hair follicles of the hair should be cut.

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