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Before proceeding this stage your front hair line should be determined with your doctor. With this process, the distribution of hair follicle will be examined. At this point,meanwhile about distribution, the choice is totally belong to patient who will have hair transplantation. This choice may be front or top area of the hair. In hair transplantation process, there is local anesthesia. After local anesthesia is applied to that area, the serum is injected to areas chosen by the patient (this serum is specially prepared for canalization process) and then canalization process is begun to be applied.

To which canal are hair follicles placed ?

First of all, there is a need to explain this. The thing we call as canal is the hole in which hair follicles are placed during transplantation process( these holes are created by thin cuts). This process is applied by special devices called as leteralslit and by really technical and important calculations. The variable devices are used in this canalization process because the hair follicles at the front area and the top area are not same.

The reasons of why so much attention is paid to canalization process

We can classify these reasons under three titles;

The first one is really necessary condition for a succesful operation. This condition is that the diameters of canals and the diameters of hair follicles to be transplanted should be same. In case of their being narrow or large the transplantation process can be difficult and when they are large the hair follicles may have difficulty in moving in the canal. In case of having these problems, the time of operation extends and the hair follicles may not be nutritioned in a healty way. When this risk is considered we can see that the diameter unison is really important.

The second one is potential problems about the angle of the canals to be opened. As is known; the opened canals have different aspects according to area in which they are opened. While these canals are evaluated before hair transplantation process, the canals should be opened in same angle by observing how hair at the front and top area is lost. If this process is apllied properly the patient can comb and style his/her hair to which side he/she wants when the hair begins to grow after transplantation. With a hair follicle transplanted in its own direction, an aesthetic appearence is achieved. Also the only way to have a natural appearance is this method. So this process should be applied properly.

The third issue is that; the important thing about the structure of the the head, the hair follicles to be transplanted and the area to which they will be transplanted is again angles. These angles are generally created by considering the head structure and hair baldness. Especially in the area of the front hair line ( we determined this line before) the hair follicles should be placed in a way to stand toward front in 30 degree angle.
In temporal region; the hair follicles should be placed in 45 degree angle by opening toward front and side. There is another detail at this point. In case of having no hair at the top, it is ideal to open canals and place hair follicles with 45 degree angles from sides by twisting toward the out and with 30 degree angles toward the front at the central area. As a result; the process should be applied by considering exit angles. Otherwise the problems may occur in aesthetic appearance of the hair.

In an operation applied according to all these rules, the patient is expected to be satisfied and the operation be faultless. Due to this reason, it is important for the member patient who will have hair transplantation make researches about this subject and understand it properly.

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