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Nose job refers to elimination of the congenital or acquired curved, aquiline or drooping appearance of a person’s nose, and creation of a symmetrical appearance both from inside and outside.This operation also helps to improve health problems of the patient. Breathing becomes easier since the nasal passages are opened.

After a properly performed nose job; nose of the patient must be symmetrical to the face; breathing ability must be improved; and the reshaped nose must look natural. A nose shape that doesn’t fit the person’s face can cause a total change in the facial expression. Therefore, nose jobs must be performed by experienced surgeons.

In recent years, nose jobs have become prominent among the plastic surgeries. This procedure is preferred especially by those who are not satisfied by their nasal structure. The need for nose job arises not only due to aesthetic concerns but also to problems associated with airways.

Nose jobs are known as rhinoplasty and septoplasty in the medical community.

  • Enlarged turbinates
  • Complaints of difficulty in breathing related to this enlargement
  • Breathing problems caused by nasal cartilage
  • In functional problems such as difficulty in deep breathing due to curved nasal bone, septoplasty, i.e. functional operation, is performed.
  • Patients that apply for deformations alone, without any breathing problems, are examined under rhinoplasty.

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