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Occurring in women or men are different as sources of hair loss, the loss can be different types. The main causes of hair loss occurs; intense stress period, season passes false hair treatment or various diseases observed due alopecia, scalp occurring fungus or skin diseases, ranging hormones, becoming pregnant and giving birth, menopause, high heat occurs due to infections, thyroid disease, iron deficiency, unbalanced and irregular eating, pulling your hair disease (trichotillomania), hair-breaking (alopecia areata) and women are experiencing male pattern hair loss. Hair loss may be permanent or temporary, because treatment is also different.

Hair Loss Types Experienced in both men and women
Male Type (Androgenetic Alopecia) Hair Loss

Male hormone testosterone in the cells of hair follicles react with the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme to DHT (dihydrotestosterone hormone) is converted. DHT also found in the hair follicle cells to the androgen receptor (AR) and localized hair growth, prevents the development.

Male Pattern Hair Loss Problems in Women

Male pattern hair loss in both men and women experience the problem that is one of the types of hair loss. Faced with the problem of androgenetic alopecia in women’s hormonal disorders.

Telogen Effluvium

Hair cycle phases one and the last one entered the telogen phase is a result of the early symptoms is needed. Compared to men, women more common in these disorders are psychological stress, shock, diet, birth control pills, use of, or termination, to give birth, the emotional problems such as the causes of hair resting phase shortens, and the telogen phase earlier than usual entered causes. Telogen Effluvium covering the entire scalp hair loss. Age condition is not seen and experienced stress due to hormonal changes can be seen.


People consciously experienced problems due to psychological stress or pulling the hair form of hair loss that are not unlimited. More common in women than men is a symptom. In general it is seen in the form of local hair loss. The new hair extension can be pulled up in this field are seen.

Alopecia Areata

People between the “hair-breaking”, also known as alopecia areata usually coin is seen as circular areas of hair loss. There may be one or more. Alopecia areata often heals by itself does not require treatment. The exact cause is not known pathological exogenous or endogenous stimuli of hair follicles are sensitive to stress, hormonal disorders, internal diseases triggered by factors such as alopecia areata is seen. High risk of recurrence is usually seen in young and middle-aged adults is a disorder.

Diffuse alopecia

All hair loss on the scalp are emitted. Until the patient reaches the size difference will not be disturbed and the course is variable depending on the person.

Anagen Effluvium

People in the extreme case of exposure to radiation and chemical drugs occurs. Recently, one of the most experienced disease is cancer cases. Treatment of cancer chemotherapy is one of the methods used for the sake of causing the hair loss. Given with chemotherapy treatment chemical drugs while destroying harmful cells also damages healthy cells at the same time. Therefore, during treatment with chemical drugs are adversely affected by hair cells and the hair loss is experienced intensely. If another type of cancer treatment is radiation therapy.

Because a lot of people exposed to radiation during radiotherapy hair cells are damaged and the hair is shed. Remove the replacement of the hair during chemotherapy, but it is very difficult to re-grow hair on behalf of radiotherapy.

Natural Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural process lives. Day 100 -150 wires are examples of natural hair loss hair loss. When the daily hair loss more is not necessarily a problem occurs. Experienced hair loss as a result of the very tight binding of the loss experienced during pregnancy or after birth is a natural hair loss.

Infection Induced Hair Loss

Infection affects the structure of the whole body and all cells located in a person’s body because the person adversely affected the structure of the skin and hair damage. Located in different parts of the body that occur on the skin itself purulent infections, acne and scars shows. Infectious diseases that occur in teeth cause problems causes hair loss.

After infection, hair loss, infection and dried to rid the body would continue. Because of the gum disease or tooth decay treatment of the persons on behalf of the absolute must apply to the dentist. All cells in the body and organs in association with each other interacts. Infections occurring in teeth therefore will cause hair loss.

Hair Loss as a result of Anemia

One of the problems experienced by women the most is the lack of iron. Experienced as a result of iron deficiency in hair loss is experienced intensely.

As a result of severe infections and febrile illness experienced hair loss can adversely affect people psychologically. However, after infection of hair loss, because it is temporarily after the treatment of diseases of the hair rather than after a certain time comes.

Hair Loss as a result of Wrong Nutritional Methods
The spill occurred as a result of a lack of vitamins and minerals in order to avoid the problem of proper nutrition should be known techniques. Molasses, green leafy vegetables and plenty of fruit vitamin must be consumed in order to prevent spillage.

Effects of Hair Loss according to the age

Hair loss is not associated with age and the period of all ages can experience hair loss problem. In particular genetic type of hair loss that starts at an early age period. Began in the early period is absolutely necessary in order to avoid hair loss treatment methods should be contacted. In times of advancing age due to the natural structure of hair is more wear, thinning and loss of hair problem starts. In women or in men of all ages during the different types of hair loss is experienced.

Hair loss due to stress, which can start at a very early age. Due to various reasons, types of hair loss experienced in childhood may occur. In particular, the experience of cancer in childhood because children as a result of the drug treatment on the hair in a short time, there has been extensive loss. Drug treatment adversely affect the hair because the hair in a short time intensive spill.

Mistakes made by People on behalf of Hair Care

Women seem to be more visually beautiful is engaged too much with their hair. Hair too much hair pulling hair too tightly collection, hair too much chemical exposing hair with very hot water washing, dyeing and hair is withdrawn causing the hair shaping hair intensely loss causes. Therefore the correct name to do hair care and hair shampoo which conforms well to the use of the fingers must be selected.

Hair loss order to prevent persons, chemical content, which shampoo and conditioner should stay away from, more natural-containing products should be preferred, hair styling as much as possible should stay away, their hair very tight collection should, hair jelly-like styling, riding up, hair should be washed regularly, cigarette consumption should reduce or must leave. Hair reflects images of people because it is important to be well-groomed and healthy. Therefore, women, men do care for their hair to be healthy, and different methods are resorted.

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