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Vaginal canal can be enlarged and deformed over time due to reasons such as pregnancy, normal delivery, chronic coughing, menopause and age. Physical changes that lead to problems such as reduced sexual satisfaction due to decreased sensitivity, loss of self-confidence in sexual intercourse, and coldness between partners might negatively affect the psychology of women, and naturally their partners,.

Vaginal narrowing operations aimed at such loosening and sagging problems seen in vaginas enable tightening of the muscles in genital area helping to reduce the internal and external diameter of vagina. Quality of sexual performance of patients is increased after vaginoplasty enabling partners to have sexual satisfaction.

How is vaginal narrowing performed?

The narrowing procedure that must be performed by surgeons that are specialized in the field consist of two types; classical vagina narrowing operations, and laser methods. In classical methods in which excessive mucosa is removed from the vagina, and vagina is narrowed inwards, suture marks are invisible since they are inside. In operations performed with laser, the laser probe places inside the vagina is gradually advanced, and each area is scanned individually.

Which points should be taken into consideration after the surgery?

After the surgery, patient must be very sensitive to the operation site. It is very important for the patient to avoid sexual intercourse until the date instructed by doctor, and to follow the guidance provided during this process. Patients must also avoid long walks and tiring activities.

Is vaginal narrowing risky?

Both methods that can be preferred for vaginoplasty are procedures with low risk levels. In order to minimize the risks that might emerge, surgeon should be specialized in the field and the clinic where the operation will take place must have the ideal operation conditions.

Cost of vaginal narrowing

Largeness of vagina, method to be used, experience of the doctor that will perform the operation, clinic where the procedure will take place are main factors affecting the costs. If you are also thinking of undergoing vaginoplasty, you should consult a specialized surgeon.

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