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What is almond eye surgery?

It is known that women use make-up tricks to show the external corners of their eyes higher. However, make-up won’t be necessary anymore thanks to the permanent almond eye surgery. Almond eye surgery is a must-have operation for patients that will undergo eyelid surgery. Almond eyes refer to slightly slanting eyes. It is the operation in which upper and lower eyelids are slightly retracted backwards to make the eyes seem more slanting.

Almond eyes enable the individual to have a more attractive eye structure. It also provides the person with a youthful and smart appearance. It can be performed alone even if there is no problem with the eyelid. Performed under local anesthesia, these operations are quite cost effective. Since people are quite sensitive about eye surgery, they might use various types of cream to get rid of wrinkles. However, the best and permanent long-term aesthetic appearance of the eyes can be achieved through surgeries.

Which eye structures does almond eye surgery suit best?

Women always want the external corners of their eyes to be slanted upwards. This is because communication occurs through the eyes. Being in the center of the face, eyes directly affect the looks. Eyes have various structures in locally ethnic groups. While external corners of eyes are upwards in Northern countries, eye structures of those in Anatolia and the Middle East are generally downwards. This leads to a tired, sad, unhappy and old appearance in the eyes due to such hooded eyes, even in young people. Almond eye surgery solves this problem permanently. Thanks to a mini operation performed in about half an hour, everyone can have beautiful eyes.

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