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What is face lifting operation?

It means,reshaping the fats or decreasing fat rate in the face,stretching the face muscles and tissues and reshaping them. The classic face lifting surgery means reducing the sagged redundant skin in face, under-cheek, chin contour and neck by re-covering it. There is not age limit for face lifting surgery. As long as there are not exceptional situations, the age 17 in women and the age 18in men are accepted bottom age limit. The top age limit can vary according to health conditions of the patient. Before deciding on the surgery, it is really important for the individual to give up smoking. The classic face lifting operation is completed in about 3-6 hours. This operation is applied with local or general anesthesia. The recovery time and time to back work can vary from ten days to two weeks according to condition of the patient. There are some risks of this surgery like nerve injury, congestion under the skin (hematom), asymmetry, irregular scar recovery, change in hair line or risks thay may occur due to anesthesia. But aging may require repeating this surgery due to natural process like gravity.

After the classic face lifting surgery;

  • The time to stay in hospital is 1-2 days.
  • The face is covered with mild pressed bandage for 2-3 days after the operation.
  • The swelling dissapears in a noticable rate in first several weeks and the recovery of the remaining mild swelling and the total fixing of skin on the face can take nearly 6 months.
  • The feel of stretching and numbness on the skin surface decreases in several weeks when the swelling disappers swiftly.
  • The disappearence of the bruises on the surgery area can vary according to skin structure of the individual. This period can extend up to 15 days in sensitive people.
  • During 3 weeks after the operation, the patient is adviced not to smoke.
  • The one who had operation shold avoid from the sun as far as possible. If this situation is not possible,suncreams over 30 factor should be used.

The classic face and neck lifting

The classic face and neck lifting operations are two seperate operations that can be handled together as they are performed at the same time. But the common side of the both operations is that it is more effective to apply them together with or after the endoscopic upper and central face lifting process. The classic face and neck lifting operations are the complement of face rejuvenation operations that include resolving aging problem in upper and central face.

For the middle aged patients, concretizing the edges of the chin by endoscopic technics after the upper and central face is lifted and tidying the redundant skin in front of the cheek and removing the bagginess at the mouth edges, the classic face lifting operations would be enough. In patients in advanced ages the treatment for the bagginess of neck skin and neck muscle ( platysma muscle) may be required.

How important the face lifting and face rejuvenation are;

The effect of gravity, the harmful rays of sun, over functioning of face gesture muscles, the stress of even ordinary events, repeated gaining or losing weight and familial tendency can cause an old and exhausted look on the face. As the age of the individual advances, the lines of lips and cheeks deepen, the cheek and dewlap sag, the lipoidosis and folding occur in the neck.

It is possible to have a young face look with today’s advanced technology by reshaping the skin by removing redundant fats, stretching of loose muscles, removing redundant skin that begins to wrinkle and loose. Mostly the eye lid ,forehead and eyebrow lifting operations are performed together. If necessary the operations like face lifting, nose plastic surgery, extending cheekbones, fat injection for wrinkles, laser treatment, reshaping the pogonion can be applied.

Face lifting operation

The surgical intervention applied for removing aging signs that occur in the face due to advanced age and different reasons is called as face lifting operation. The aim of the face lifting operations is gaining patient a natural and young face. Having a tired,sad and old expressions on the face negatively affects the psychology of the people especially of women.

By means of face lifting operations the face gains younger look and when these expressions are removed the person rejuvenates at least 1-15 years. Assagging,deep wrinkles, redundant fatty tissue and redundant skin is removed the cheek, lip sides and neck area become more refreshed and natural and have younger and more dynamic look. As the surgery scars are indistinct, this issue does not cause concern and worry for the patient. Generally except the ones who are middle aged or older,the young patients who have deformations on their faces due to genetical or different reasons can also take advantage of the face lifting operation.

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