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Skin wrinkles are seen as more common due to some factors such as ageing and external reasons. The harmful effects of the sun’s skin, adverse effects of acne, precancerous skin called degradation in keratosis can be rectified by the resurfacing aesthetics.

Resurfacing is performed aesthetic reasons?

The purpose of resurfacing procedure applied to the skin, so the outer surface of the skin to reduce lines and wrinkles caused by aging by the acne and other scars. Patients with dark skin type and color, age and ethnicity as factors that should be considered prior to application. Because in people with darker skin, burns, scars, skin peeling made a special assessment should be performed in people with aesthetic problems, such as scarring. Before making this decision, it may be necessary for proper skin care regimen. If you have a large damage or injury due to aging of the skin, you may need more sessions.

What are the decision making process prior to the resurfacing?

First, the person’s medical history is examined by a doctor. This aims the success of the surgical procedure to be performed as a positive influence of realistic expectations.

People’s skin structure and facial structure are examined by a doctor.
Techniques to be applied to the skin such as peeling, will be made after evaluation of complications that may occur after the procedure.

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