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Breasts which are one of the significant factors that define the general appearance of body are of special significance especially to women. Women that are not satisfied with the appearance or size of their breasts and decide to make a change might come across many questions that are hard to find answers for when they start to make a research about the subject.

Therefore we wanted to answer such questions, and provide a general idea for those who think about having a breast surgery. Here are the frequently asked questions and answers about breast surgery:

How is Breast Surgery Performed?

Breast surgery can be performed with different methods depending on the shape and size of breast you desire. For instance, breast augmentation surgery is performed by placing the prosthesis selected considering your breast girth, shoulder width, waist and hip size from under the breast, armpit or nipple while breast reduction surgery consists of removal of excess skin, fat and breast tissue, and breast lift stages. Breast lift surgery is performed by removal of excess skin followed by tightening the surrounding tissue of breast and reshaping them.

Does Silicone Breast Implant Explode? Does It Leak?

One of the most common concerns of women about breast surgery is whether the silicone implants might explode or leak after surgery. Yet the risk of explosion or leak of silicone implants has nearly disappeared thanks to the advanced medical science. Explosion of silicone implants is unlikely to occur under normal circumstances except for very high pressure. New generation implants have a form that doesn’t flow, disperse or spread into the body.

Will There Be a Scar After Breast Surgery?

Another question that is commonly wondered by women about breast surgery is about the surgery scar. Whether the surgery scar will remain or disappear over time is completely related to the body of individual. Surgery scars of people with a rapid wound healing rate disappear after a while whereas scars of those that smoke, have diabetic or enzyme problems might remain.

What is the Cost of Breast Surgery?

Since techniques will be specific to the person or condition during operation, a standard cost cannot be expected for breast surgery. Some of the many factors affecting the cost of breast surgery include the type of operation, materials and techniques to be used, and the plastic surgery center where the operation will be performed. Therefore the most reasonable way to learn about the costs is by contacting with the surgeons.

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