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Hair is one of the most important factors affecting physical appearance, and baldness, little growth or hair damage due to some reasons related to genetics or external factors constitute a problem for many men. Today, medical science is able to offer a satisfying solution to this problem with the operation called hair transplantation. The procedure known as No-shave Hair Transplantation is recently a quite popular and commonly preferred hair transplantation method.

What is No-Shave Hair Transplantation?

While the standard hair transplantation process in which the area to be transplanted is shaved does not have any disadvantages, many people do not lean towards shaving their hair. There are even some people that change their mind about having hair transplantation due to this reason. No-shave Hair Transplantation that aims to prevent this situation and which is preferred especially when a little area will be transplanted, is used for enabling the hair to have a more natural look both in transplantation and recovery process, and thus the patient go back to his normal life more quickly.

How Is No-Shave Hair Transplantation Performed?

As in standard hair transplantation, the popular technique known as FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is used in no-shave hair transplantation. In this method, follicles extracted from the donor (nape) area using micro-motors and special equipment, are transferred to the recipient area. The greatest distinction between no-shave FUE method and the standard one is the lack of requirement to shave patient’s head completely.

Recovery Process Following No-Shave Hair Transplantation

Recovery process following the no-shave hair transplantation operation doesn’t differ from the recovery process of standard hair transplantation. However, since shaving will not have been done, it will be easier to hide the area of transplantation. Scabbing that might occur at the area of transplantation will recover in 8 – 10 days. After a period of about three months, hair starts to grow up, and at the end of a year hair reaches to the desired appearance. In FUE method, there is no permanent mark on the area where follicles are extracted from or transplanted area.

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