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What is FUT Technique?

Hair transplantation recently that the applicant is a method many people. Hair is the most important factor to complement visuals of people are losing hair because people feel bad about themselves and are experiencing psychological problems. Especially in periods of 30-40 years most of the men admitted to the method is a method of hair transplantation. Different to those balding hair with hair transplantation techniques are planted. One of these techniques is fut techniques (Follicular Unit Transfer).With this technique as soon as it is possible to perform hair transplantation.

This application is being performed on behalf hair with hair roots strong and the hair on the nape section is used. The hair in the nape section is removed as a strip. Extraction of scalp hair follicles to include a different number is divided into parts. Divided on the scalp, balding areas, which are placed on specific techniques. Before the direction of conveyance to do hair and hair line to be considered.

Nape section of the hair taken of infection and prevent any infection should stitches behalf. To the suffering of people during the operation done under local anesthesia is sufficient. Fut technique (Follicular Unit Transfer), his hair very short hair cut in a short time, and the realization of the process is a technique suitable for people who want hair transplantation.

Advantages of Fut Technique

Relatively quickly compared to other techniques plurality hair follicle transplant is performed.

That same day, fut technique (Follicular Unit Transfer) using different techniques with more hair follicle transplant can be performed.

During this technique, other hair follicles are damaged and a new hair day in a healthy way.

Applying new techniques in the field of hair taken channels is small, because the section of hair planted the blood flow continues in a healthy way, and hair growth is achieved quickly.

Prepared on behalf of the plantation to the natural structure of the hair grafts are suitable.

The person who plantation in a short time is becoming a natural hair appearance.

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