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Liposuction is the most appropriate and easiest way to remove the unwanted fat from the body. It is the most ideal method by considering the psychological situation of the patient. Throughout this process, patients’ complaints can be solved easily.

What is the liposuction method?

Liposuction, known as the removal of fat by the public, is the name given to the process of removing unwanted fats from the body by means of special tools. Liposuction, which is among the most frequently performed operations in the world.

Liposuction is an operation in which contours are reshaped by taking excess fat. Another known misinformation is that every patient is considered to be eligible for liposuction. For some patients, plastic surgery should be performed before liposuction.

It is a method of obtaining the best results in the patients who are disturbed by the regional unwanted and unevenly sight of the fat deposits which are usually normal and slightly above the normal weight.

Which regions usually require Liposuction?

Liposuction applied to almost every region from cheeks to ankles is applied more frequently to the areas available to lubricate such as abdomen, head, lumbar region, legs, back, neck. Usually women in the hip, abdomen and thigh region; in males it is the preferred method for dissolving fat deposits around the abdomen. In short, it is a method that is applied to ensure that men and women can get rid of the regions that do not respond to diets and exhausts.

Liposuction is a risky operation?

As the liposuction method continues to fit the pace, the risk of having been applied with different techniques has been gradually reduced. Since the method of classical liposuction did not have the selectivity of subcutaneous cannula at the first output, the fat tissue was able to attract other tissues such as muscle, vein and nerve together. Therefore, bruises and swellings occurred in the post-operative area, and the healing of the patient took longer. However, due to the use of vaser and laser methods in Liposuction applications using today’s technology, a less painful and less painful system is applied. In this new technology where the patient is recovering much faster, the sound waves that are applied are vaser or laser light; the wavelength is given to the body in such a way that it only affects the fatty tissue. So other regions are not damaged. In addition, because the oil is drawn with a very slight pressure in this new system, it does not harm the surrounding tissue either.

Liposuction with different techniques:

As mentioned above, nowadays, the liposuction method is now made using different techniques with the progress of the technology; painless, tighter appearance, confronted with less risk. Let us now turn to the curiosity about these more preferred methods.

How is Vaser Liposuction Applied?

Ultrasonic Liposuction is a Liposuction method which is made by using sound waves as we can understand from the name of this method. These sound waves, which are only sent to the fat tissue, prevent bleeding and bruising in the applied region because they do not affect the vessels and muscle tissue. This, in turn, removes complications from the classical liposuction method.

With this method, oils are pulled by applying a very slight pressure, so other tissues are not damaged. Unlike the conventional liposuction method with large pressure, vaser liposuction does not cause a very large detachment, which prevents the appearance of a wavy skin. After the Vaser Liposuction is performed, the patient can go home on foot and after the procedure the patient needs to wear a corset for a week or two.

According to normal liposuction, edema in the body is removed in 4-5 weeks. Depending on the region, the duration of the operation varies from the shortest to the longest within a maximum of 5-6 hours. With the introduction of liposuction vaser method, the confidence of the patients has been increased even more.

Laser Liposuction Method How to Apply?

The thin long tubes used in the liposuction method are applied to the subcutaneous fat tissue of the laser system. In this procedure, which is performed by applying local anesthesia to the patient, the fat tissue is deeply vacuumed and the liquefied oils are absorbed and removed from the body. This fat tissue called lipolysis is provided by a system called lymphatic system. In the natural weight loss procedures, the fat removal from the body is done with the same lymphatic system. Therefore, Liposuction applied by the laser system accelerates this excretion and allows for a more firm skin structure behind.

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