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Lip structure can have a thin and uncertain outlook as genetic in some people. At the same time the lips with advancing age due to thinning and wrinkling of the tissue may have lost their freshness and fullness. The aim of lip aesthetic applications, the protection of the natural thickening on the lips, making clearer the contours, reduce wrinkles and plump. Lip aesthetics can be done in different ways. There are surgical and non-surgical methods of operation which. These people state, is applied according to the current preferences and lips. Taking your lips person allows the formation of the aesthetic appearance of the face.

The methods used in lip reconstruction

Nonsurgical methods: These methods can be applied using fillers. The content of the fillers are usually used in the cosmetic lip hyaluronic acid. This method is to be preferred on the lips is no need for surgical intervention. So it can be said that the most common method. The patient’s own adipose tissue may also be used as fillers.

Surgical methods: this method lip thickening process in the parts of the body tissue taken an incision is placed inside the lips. Lips thickening cosmetic surgical procedure would be made with more permanent and natural appearance by treatment with the filler. This method is performed under local anesthetic. In some cases, the shrink operation is done lip. In this process, the lips, which was huge, an elliptical piece is removed with an incision made through the oral mucosa and lips decrease is provided.

Fillers used in cosmetic lip

Various products used in the plastics material used to fill the lips. These operations are usually administered as injections without an incision. Because many of the disadvantages of currently used substances are not used actively. Currently, the most widely used are fillers having hyaluronic acid content. Because these substances found naturally in the human body, it does not cause allergic reactions of the body after filling. Therefore, the filling operation is performed on the body is one of the substances used safely.

Filled substance containing hyaluronic acid lip while aesthetics are used for two purposes. One of them is to be clarified to ensure that the lip line and thus appear fuller lips. During injection in lip lines for this purpose, it is applied to the side edges of oluks pit beneath the nose called the philtrum of the upper lip. Consisting of the wrinkles and lines around the lips outside the filling process can be done to remedy this. This problem is injected under the skin surface and the injection line. The positive results of these core applications will continue until 6 months. These times must be repeated again. Fillers lips must be original and reliable filler is injected. The experience and knowledge of the physician performing this application should be sufficient. The procedures should be performed under a sterile environment.

Filler was applied by the patient’s own body, usually obtained the oil injection adipose tissue, or fascia tissue cocktail is used. These are the most preferred fat in the injection. Of fat tissue the abdomen or legs are taken inside the body. The patient’s own tissue is used as foreign tissue reactions after injection occurs in the region of intake of fat without leaving a trace. In particular, as requested by injection lip lips applied between the fullness of muscle tissue is provided. This destruction of the lips and around the formed fine lines is provided. But the most significant drawback is absorbed by the body and elimination of the injected tissue. So you need to make 2-3 session. However the results obtained provide lasting fullness.

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