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Problems in the appearance of inner and outer labia of vagina are among the most common genital aesthetic problems. One labia or both inner and labia that are bigger than normal, lack of symmetry between them, or sagging are frequently encountered problems in women. These formal problems that not only disturb visually but also might affect the self-confidence of person negatively can be easily solved with the aesthetic operation known as labioplasty.

How Is Labioplasty Operation Performed?

Commonly preferred by women in recent years, inner and outer labia surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia. During the operation that is completed in about 45 minutes, excessive tissue on the inner and outer labia is removed, and the sagging or asymmetrical anatomic structure is easily corrected by means of surgical intervention. Recovery can be expected in 1 week after operation.

Is Labioplasty Operation Risky?

The risk is very low in labioplasty, but emergence of general or local anesthesia related complications is possible like in every other operation. Therefore, following the instructions of specialized doctor is important before surgery.

Operation doesn’t damage the hymen. After operation, there will be no problem during sexual intercourse, or getting pregnant and giving birth. Side effects such as burning sensation or pain are not experienced in the vaginal area either.

What Is the Cost of Labioplasty Operation?

Factors affecting the cost of operation include areas that are to be intervened in vagina, procedures to be performed, duration of procedures, and type of anesthesia to be used. The city, hospital or plastic surgery clinic where the operation will take place, and the doctor that will perform the operation also affect the cost of operation.

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