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Hair loss and reasons

Hair loss is a problem that usually affects men. The reason for this at the beginning, means genetic factors. In addition, environmental factors and stress can cause hair loss. The thing that should be done is to have hair transplantation to resolve this and re-gain hairs. Hair transplantation is the process made with FUE and FUT methods and the area known as the donor site has healthy hair to be taken and being transferred into balding areas.

FUE technique in hair transplant

The FUE hair transplant technique, donor sites of the two ears and two ears from the hair follicles of hair between 0.7 and 0.8 mm in diameter with a cylindrical and micro-end is realized by removing them one by one. For removal of hair follicles, it is made by manual punch or a device called micro-motor. In the hair-transplantation that is made by FUT, located at the back of the head between the ears as genetic hair loss from the area of surgical removal of a cast strip are made by using a scalpel. Then this area is closed with sutures. This tissue strip is divided into parts that are called as graft with scalpels under stereoscopic microscopes in a special structure.

After FUE technique became common, this method began not to be used. Between two methods, there are differences in obtaining hair follicles. These obtained grafts are placed to the balding areas or hair-diluted areas by opening channels. During these methods, local anesthesia is applied. The physician that will do hair transplantation should evaluate patients’ expectations and should decide how many grafts and sessions are required. According to the expectations and needs of the patient, if two or three sessions should be made, then there should be at least 6 months to 12 months intervals.

What are the criterias that are required for obtaining a successful result in hair transplantation?

Health of the hair cells

Density and thickness of the hair in the area called donor area
The ability of transplantation area to nourish the cells to be transferred
The surface measurement of the transplantation area
Experience of the team and doctor that will do hair transplantation

What should be done for hair transplantation to be in a natural appearance?
In order to obtain a natural appearance in hair transplantation, first of all, you should decide correctly where hair line should start. While making this decision, according to the shape of the opening of the person’s hairs, the oval shape of face, lower end of the nose jaws and rate of the measurement of the distance between the nose and eyebrows, the need for leaving head front line distance should be calculated exactly.

Normally, the frontal hairline starts from 7-12 cm distance fro the mid-point between two eyebrows. Here, thin channels that wil be opened to the frontal hairline should be opened as an acute angle with the skin and forwarded to the frontal direction. Here as you go back, the channel angles should be increased. Taken from the right corner and the intersection of the frontal hairline, as well as downward direction at an acute angle given should be done by opening the channels. The depth of the channel to be opened and width, thickness and length of the graft should be adjusted to be equal. So open channels, should be more or less deep. Channels have been planted in the short opening section of the graft, the skin will be left out and the environmental impact will be more than likely to be affected.

This factor, means the death of the grafts will occur. The transplanted grafts’ thickness and the thickness of the channel must be the same. Grafts are planted in narrow a channel opened, apparently called as the lawn guy and will give the image an unnatural hair.During hair transplantation that will be held to the top portion in hairs, rotation of hairs should be detected without an error, grafts should be added by pulling the appropriate angle, depth and directions and natural appearance should be obtained.

For these reasons, the hair transplantation should be done by skilled, knowledgeable and experienced physician. This operation will be a permanent image for the new image of people in the future. Therefore, you should care this appearance that will be with you forever and surrender yourself to the experts.

In the video below, I tried to give information about hair transplantation.

How to do an intense hair transplantation?

There are 70 to 100 strands of hair per cm2 in people who experience hair loss problems. In case there occurs a loss of half hair or more, the hair thinning in the hair area becomes visible. If the hair transplantation to be made in an area that is completely bald per 50-cm2 and more, there will be a beautiful view of the bald area. If the balding area of ​​30-40 cm2 graft that is, 66 to 88 hairs are planted, this intensive cultivation is defined as dense packing. If the width of the hair transplantation area and hair density of donor site is enough, then it is possible to do hair transplantation that is uniform in all the bald areas. This decision should be made by the doctor after examining the patient.

There may be different decisions according to the thickness of the hair strands, being curly, straight or wavy. If a person has straight and thin hair, he may have more intensive hairstyle thanks to the hair transplantation made per cm2. If a person has curly or slightly wavy hair, he may have a pleasing hairstyle thanks to the hair transplantation made less. In order to do an intensive hair transplantation, thin grafts and channels are needed. In order to achieve this, hair follicles should be collected with thin punches. The channels to be opened in a hair transplantation area should be opened by thin slits. In this way, there will be more frequent and much more channels. If channels are opened by thick slits, tissue injury will increase and there will occur a risk of developing necrosis. Therefore thick slits should be used and there should not be opened too much and frequent channels.

How to do hair transplantation to the Peak Area?

The performance of the hair transplantations that will be done to the peak area of the head will be less than the frontal hair transplantations. However, an attention should be taken for these hair transplantations. Especially in the peak area where hairs rotate provides a convenience feature and helps to provide a natural appearance after hair transplantation. To attain a true form, it takes 6 and 12 months after operation.

How long does hair transplantation last?

Hair transplantation process does not last too much when compared to extra lasting applications. First, there only may occur a time loss during making a decision and interviews. Because everything is evaluated in this process, this waste of time should be considered as normal. Hair transplantation process is an application that usually takes 6-8 hours a day. This process may vary according to the graft ratio and processes. If the area is completely bald where hair transplantation is done, this process may take longer, if there is a partially hair, this process may take less.

However, hair transplantation process is not deemed long and laborious. FUE application using the method of the hair transplantation is extremely easy, quick and is performed without pain. The person who has decided hair transplantation should be ready the seven day before the operation. The people that will have hair transplantation should cut the drugs that are blood thinners. The people that smoke should know that this will cause circulatory disorder, so they have to stop smoking or reduce. This will make a positive impact on subsequent recovery. Even those who can not quit smoking should stop smoking two days before at least. During this period, alcohol should not be consumed and hair dye should not be made. When hair transplantation is made, there should not be hair gel,spray residues and hairs should absolutely be clean.

Hair transplantation and duration according to the nature of the hair

Hair transplantation sessions are determined by personal characteristics. If hairs are curly, thick, dark colored and if hairless areas are not too much, better results are obtained in a shorter time. If the opposite features are available in people, then session number should be increased. But these are still not exactly a yardstick. Sometimes it an be vice versa. Its not about how long the session in this process but the successful results obtained after sessions. The request of the person in this process and session number may vary according to the requests of the patients. The areas’ treatment that are bald as a result of the hair loss can be simply solved with hair transplantation. Apart from this, the concealer or temporary solutions are not satisfied for people. The definite and permanent solution of the hair loss proble is to do hair transplantation.

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