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Shoulders and breast region in the upper portion, and belly in the lower portion of body of most men are prone to fat deposits. Male breast growth called gynecomastia and fat deposits around the waist can also be seen in some men even they do sports and lose weight by dieting. The body can be shaped thanks to liposuction in this type of fat deposits.

Men can have a V shaped athletic appearance with liposuction.

In the past years men were trying to have a better-looking body through the removal of fat to get rid of undesired fat deposits, and building muscles by means of sports. Today, appearance of six pack muscles is preferred by transferring the fat from one area to another thanks to the liposuction method. So, men can have the appearance they have dreamed of with liposuction.

All the fat around breast and waist can be removed. In the abdomen, liposuction can be applied on middle lines, and along the abdominal lines called rectus muscle. Therefore, waist size is diminished, and fat is added to the abdominal muscles to obtain a muscular body. The same procedure can be applied to shoulder and arm muscles as well. In this way, men can have a V shaped athletic appearance using plastic surgery. This can be achieved both through liposuction and radiofrequency-assisted liposuction.

The patients must wear a special corset for about two weeks to 1 month after operation. When supported by sports, the results will be perfect. The body is shaped within 2 weeks, and edema in the body disappears in 6 months.

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